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Of Mice and Men - the two main characters are George Milton and Lennie Small.

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In the book Of Mice and Men the two main characters are George Milton and Lennie Small. They first met when lennie was still young, and when lennie was left orphaned when his Aunt Clara died. Lennie's aunt Clara decided to leave lennie in the care of George Milton a good and intelligent man. The reason for Lennie being left in the care of George is because lennie was young, dumb-minded and was unable to look after himself. Both George and lennie become migrant workers working from farm to farm and then began an unusual friendship of the time. The main story line in the book is the dream of lennie and George buying their own farm. This is because they are fed up with "busting their humps" for someone else to reap the money and they are both just fed up with running from town to town. Their dream starts to become a reality when George reveals he knows of a couple whom are selling their farm for $600, and thus begins their journey to raise the money. As the reader gets into the story it becomes apparent that George and Lennie are the complete opposites of each other but still need each other as much as the other. ...read more.


Although lennie was scared of George and was constantly being told off by George and even threatened to "live in a cave" he definitely needed and wanted George. Not only because he needed him to survive and someone to share the dream with but also because he saw him as a father figure whom he looked up to and emulated. This was apparent from the start and during the book when he constantly copied George's movements and actions. Referring to George as the father figure this was also constant during the book. Lennie who could be called a with conviction mentally retarded and extremely child like for example the incident with the mouse at the start of the book when all lennie wanted to do was pet a dead mouse, this is the behaviour of a child and George treated him like a child when held his hand out like a father would to a child and said " come on give it to me" in turn Lennie began to cry. This I felt set the tone for the book about lennie. Towards the end of the book when lennie is waiting for George in the bush he sees his aunt Clara and the rabbit telling him off. ...read more.


Although it can also be argued that George killed Lennie because he knew for as long as lennie was about the would always have to be running as I have already mentioned Lennie had already been in trouble with a girl before and therefore how many more people had to be killed or hurt at the hands of lennie? I think the best answer to the question can be referred to earlier in the book regarding the incident with candy's dog. If you remember earlier in the book as Carlson said in regards to the dog 'if you was to take him out and shoot him right in the back of the head, right there, why, he'd know what hit him'. Later on in the book Candy remarks to George 'I to have shot that dog myself. I shouldn't have let no stranger to shoot my dog' could this by why George killed lennie? Had Curley caught Lennie there is no telling what Curley would have done to him. He could have put him in a cage and tortured him but without a doubt Lennie would have ended up dead. My conclusion being that by killing Lennie himself he saved him from being paraded around and any mental anguish that would have come with that or even torture/slow death. Even by killing him he remained a good friend. ...read more.

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