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of mice and men-Write an original writing piece of what u think happened in Weed causing George and Lennie to leave the town

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Write an original writing piece of what u think happened in Weed causing George and Lennie to leave the town It was getting dark; the hot humid winds blew from the starless sky over the heads of exhausted ranch workers in the quiet town of Weed. George, along with the rest of his team headed towards the cabin as Lennie, the friendly giant followed behind. Today had been a long day; every worker had been on the field for over twelve hours. Working overtime was the only way to make an extra few dollars which was crucial to many of the men. As they arrived to the cabin, one by one the men washed and prepared for the next day. The clock hit nine and the cabin went silent, the sounds of George snoring echoed as the others slept in peace. The limited hours of sleep ticked by and were soon over. The next morning arrived as the alarms went off, the sounds of tired men yawning whizzed from bed to bed as the men got up for a hard day of labour. Once again one by one they lined up for a wash and set of for the fields. As usual Lennie was last to wash and so once again George had to wait as George and Lennie were as one force. ...read more.


As he arrived back to the cabin all alone, he watched George and the other men making their way for a night out. Although Lennie never asked to join them he felt left out, he felt different and less important as he was the only man left behind. Feeling sympathatic towards himself he decided to go off for a walk instead of going back to an empty cabin. He started walking through the dark muddy fields, his boots covered with large bulks of mud making it hard for him to lift of the ground to take the next step, lost in his own thoughts he carried on walking until his leg finally got stuck so deep in the mud he dropped, his large figure fell to the ground with an impact leaving the ground surface all uneven. He layed motionless on the ground for a few second before deciding to get up. Finally he made an effort to get back to his feet when to his shock he realised a young women standing above him looking down at him offering her hand to pull him up. He gazed into her eyes, his head started spinning her beauty was undescribable her red lipstick shone aginst the moonlight as her long silky hair ran down her back. ...read more.


He ran and ran untill he finaly made it to the cabin. Lennie entered the cabin and went straight to his bunk where he sat up waiting for George. Hours went past and the men were not back, Lennie left the cabin and stood outside.The winds blew with force and a few minutes later Lennie saw George and the men walking back in the distance, George saw Lennie outside the cabin from a far distance and ran towards him. 'What you doing up awake at this time, I told u I was going to be late'said George in a dim and tired voice and suddenly Lennie bursted into tears as he explained himself to George about what happened. After hearing the news George also began to panic 'we have to leave Lennie now' both men packed their bags as the other men fell into their deep sleep and left as they had no other choice. Although Lennie had meant no harm on th women Lennie's life would be at risk, he would be blamed for murder and with no evidence to prove his innocence he would most likely be killed. The only way to avoid this was to go on the run so both men set off for the woods to get as far away from the town of weed as possible. ...read more.

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