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Of Mice and Men - writing from the point of view of Curley's wife.

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The kitchen?s flavours and smells permeated the air of the room. Swift movements stirred soups, cut up pieces of bread, and flipped pages of the cookbook guiding the whole process. The window, while slightly smudged with fingerprints and dust and dirt, was caressing the light coming through, dividing it into a million colours that hit specific parts of the room. Red tomatoes sat down on a counter as they waited to be chopped up. While the boiling soup had excited Curley?s wife?s sense of smell, and the occasional nibble at the bread excited her sense of taste, her sense of hearing was almost mute. Sounds were gone; the men had left to tend the fields. She sat down on the chair across from the stove, and stared into the window. She could make out the rays of light dashing through every second, giving her vivid warmth. They felt as if they had sound. ...read more.


?What the hell is wrong with this woman?!? he shouted impatiently. ?Open up!? Curley?s wife immediately stopped eating. ?Comin? honey, won?t be a minute?. A tone of surprise floated in her voice, obviously shocked to see Curley back so late. Before opening the door, she fumbled for a second, then pulled out a cool silver ring which she held in her warm palm. Carelessly, she slipped it onto her finger and continued down the stairs. She composed herself and opened the door. ?Oh Curley, I?ve been so worried - I?ve been lookin? ?round for you everywhere.? She shuddered at the sight of Curley?s crippled and disfigured fist. ?My, what?s happened to your hand?? Curley snatched it from her view. ?Nothin?, got caught in a?machine,? he mumbled. ?Well, you better sit down. I?ll get you something to drink.? Curley?s Wife shortly returned with a small glass filled to the brim with an amber liquid. ...read more.


?Come here!? he repeated stubbornly. She obeyed. ?Closer.? As she drew closer, Curley stood menacingly with his left hand by his side and his glove lay torn on the floor. It was purple and sore. There were deep gashes where nails had been dug into his flesh. Curley?s hand reached out, cupping her powdered face in his vice grip, then he pulled it towards his ? his hot breath spewing over her. Curley?s hold tightened and a loud yelp escaped the woman?s crimson lips. Curley let go. ?Not this time Curley, I won?t let you,? she warned. But his hand flung at her, delivering an almighty clap to her face. She was reduced to her knees and she sobbed gently, soothing the blow with her right hand. ?No-one tells me what to do!? he bellowed. Slowly, he knelt down beside her and clenched his hand into a fist. He brought it under her glare so she could smell his anger, and whispered into her ear, ?Now, you?re not gonna say a word. Alright?? ?Not a word.? Her eyes swelled with tears, crying out in defiance. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE John Steinbeck section.

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