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Of Mice and Men

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JOHN STEINBECK - Of Mice and Men For my coursework, I am going to write about how John Steinbeck, Announces and presents the two characters George and Lennie in the book; Of Mice and Men; and how the relationships between the characters make the story as good as it is. Steinbeck uses a high definition of detail to introduce the two men, George and Lennie: by using similes, personification and metaphors; he gives a large imagery effect of what the people look like (George and Lennie). 'Small, quick, dark of face, with restless eyes and sharp, strong features.' By using informative text like this you get the idea if someone is small they are generally about 5ft tall he hasn't been able to wash for a while due to dark of face (or this fellow hasn't been a rich person and has worked all his life), with sharp strong features must mean he has been working, maybe as a labourer or a outlaw. The second figure 'a huge man, shapeless of face, with large pale eyes, with wide, sloping shoulders; and he walked heavily, dragging his feet a little, the way a bear drags his paws. His arms did not swing at his sides, but hung loosely'. ...read more.


They have a little bit of money stored back and hope to make there dram come true shortly and they discuss that if there is any trouble in Soledad they will meet up in the wooded area, there was trouble in weed (the town they last had a place of work in). Lennie likes pretty colours and got attracted to a girls dress, when the girl said, 'let go', he hung on in fear and the girls escaped shouting rape, of course, Lennie would have been trialled and sentenced to death for this, so they made a run for it. In addition, eventually made it to a ranch in Soledad. For Lennie to remember things George gets him to repeat himself several times this way he remembers what has been said. When they get to the ranch, Lennie is instructed not to say a word to anyone, they don't want the ranch owner to find out Lennie isn't as smart as he looks, so they go meet the owner and George tries to answer all the questions, the owner thinks its suspicious the two guys travelling together, and makes Lennie talk. Anyhow, they get there way around it and go to the bunkhouse. Also in the book Slim gives Lennie a pup, since he ain't allowed mice since they where always dying in his pocket, the guys ...read more.


She then struggled and Lennie shook her, he killed her, broke her neck, he dropped her and she laid there; he realised what he had done and ran into the brush where George had told him to go, Lennie had remembered he had to run to the brush. Once the guys found out she was dead Curly wanted him dead he got his gun and went out and his horse to get him with the guys. Curly now had a real reason to go and get Lennie; George knew exactly where to find him. George took a gun and went to go find Lennie, he found Lennie exactly where he had told him where to go, he started to talk to Lennie and got him to tell George about there dream and what it was going to be like, George lifted to gun to the back of Lennie's head and shot him! The crash of the shot was heard echoing about the valleys. Steinbeck at the end of the story did not say if George ever made his American dream with candy of if he ever got Trialled for murder. This shows how the American dream doesn't always go to plan and maybe its just luck that gets you there, but does show you how the guys tried, and the relationship between people in them days sometimes led to hard consequences. ?? ?? ?? ?? Craig Fryer English 1 ...read more.

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