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Of the three main characters in Tennessee Williams's 'The Glass Menagerie' Amanda is set to appear

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Amanda R. Ismail Of the three main characters in Tennessee Williams's 'The Glass Menagerie' Amanda is set to appear as the most dominant and in control. As the mother of the family unit the audience expects her to hold some kind of responsibility over her children as well as providing for them. The idea of the sense of duty she has for Tom and Laura's future still remains even when the audience discover that the person financially supporting the Wingfields is actually Tom. Amanda Wingfield is in many ways like most parents. She only wants what she thinks is best for her children. ...read more.


Although her diction is not appropriate in inspiring Laura her intentions were ultimately for the betterment of Laura's future showing strength as a parent. She forbids the word 'cripple' to be used in the house and this shows another Amanda weakness that she will not accept fact and would rather resort to her dreams. Amanda reveals that she is not always living in a dream world during the business college incident as she focuses on her dependence on Laura to succeed in life and to thus take care of her. "What are we going to do, what is going to become of us, what is the future?" ...read more.


Neurotic moments are a common occurrence and weakness of Amanda. She constantly thinks the worse of situations most of the time irritatingly so. This succeeds in driving both friends and family away. Laura's 'bunking' of school by taking 'walks' prompts Amanda to scold Laura about catching pneumonia is, "Deliberately courting pneumonia in that light coat?" and Amanda's conversation with a fellow member of the D.A.R which results in the member hanging up are classic examples. In life we are not actually afraid that our weaknesses will cause failure, instead we are afraid that our strengths will cause success. Amanda resorts to what she wants to think which is a weakness and she does not want to always resort to her ability to think logically which is a strength she perceives to be a weakness. Words: 609 words ...read more.

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