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Oh Mary Dont You Cry Any More. The short story by Fay Weldon is about a small family of three, the mother Shirley and her daughters Gracey and Lisa, their life on the small island Tasmania and it is about their attempt to achieve happiness.

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Oh Mary Don't You Cry Any More The short story by Fay Weldon is about a small family of three, the mother Shirley and her daughters Gracey and Lisa, their life on the small island Tasmania and it is about their attempt to achieve happiness. * In the beginning of the story we learn, that the girls Gracey and Lisa doesn't wear shoes or even new clothes, because their mother believes, that their feet will grow better without shoes confining them, and that they shouldn't spend their money on new clothes, as the well-worn clothes show it of the girls' pretty bodies. We learn that Gracey is the prettier and elder one of the two girls. The family doesn't have a lot of money, as the girls' father has left them to start a new life on the mainland. He finally had finally had enough when Shirley cheated on him. He had been the family's main income, as Shirley doesn't work. ...read more.


Shirley tells her girls, that they should see life as love, touching and closeness, and that sex is a part of life and nothing to be ashamed of. Gracey is a good singer and Shirley makes it a point to show her of, to everyone in Hobart, by hosting a simple Sunday brunch, which means vegetable soup, bacon and beans. Gracey suspects a pattern or maybe more of a schedule, which the community seems to have made, so that they know when to show up. And only the wives came, as the men are busy people. Gracey gets a lot of praise, but her younger sister Lisa doesn't seem jealous, she just keeps on struggling with piano lessons, so that she will be able to fit in with Shirley's guitar and Gracey's voice. The folk song they play fit Gracey's voice, as they are pure, full of hope, life and love, but with an underlying hint of melancholy. Gracey is suddenly on the edge between childhood and adolescence, she is in a vulnerable state and Shirley suddenly worries about boys and whether there is anyone good enough for her daughter. ...read more.


Shirley being the optimistic person she is tells the girls, that they could have done it if not for the wind, but Gracey is fully aware of how wrong her mother is. * As we read Shirley was a hippie and her way of looking at things was a bit too optimistic, like she's being too happy so that she won't have to face things. And that's where I think we should find the theme of this story; around Shirley, as she is what this story revolves around - her and her daughters, not her daughters and her. I think the theme is 'Broken Dreams' and I think that because of Shirley's entire view on the world is a dream, a dream she tries to get her daughters to see too. And I think, that maybe what is really important in this story is, that if Shirley had stopped trying to find the 'perfect' happiness, then maybe she could have ended the story being happy with her girls. ?? ?? ?? ?? Camilla Saager Steensig 1.a 'Oh, Mary' Summary 2010-09-13 Side 1 ...read more.

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