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"OI!" shouted the policeman, "What do you think you are doing?"

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Original Writing: Narrative story Story title: "OI!" shouted the policeman, "What do you think you are doing?" The man jumped out from behind the bush in a state of surprise, but showed no expression on his face. He hadn't heard a human voice in such a long time. The policeman was lying on the country-lane floor with his eyes shut simply shouting random sentences. 'He's probably crazy like the rest of them' thought the man as he walked on back home holding his head in his hands. The man shed a tear of disbelief which descended to the floor of the isolated village. The Nuclear War to end all Wars really had ended all the Wars as well as all the life on Earth. 'What were they thinking, those idiots. Thinking that because they're the rulers of the world they can choose who lives and who dies. I wish I was dead along with the rest of my family. I wish I'd paid more attention to life when it was good instead of taking things for granted.' The man had been thinking for weeks now about how he could have stopped the War. 'If only they'd elected me as prime minister, then things would have been different. That way I'd still be able to live and enjoy life with my family and friends.' The man put down the picture of his wife and went back to eating his soup. ...read more.


The sky had a strange glimmer to it; it was although it was signalling a great event of some kind. The man had never believed that kind of 'mumbo-jumbo'. He never looked for hidden meanings in life. He just did what was asked of him and carried on as normal. So on he walked down the lane to where he had heard the insane policeman's cry for help. He stopped in his tracks. There was something. It was something standing, leaning against a post. A silhouette of the previously insane policeman's body. The man's heart was pounding inside his shaky body. There was a spark of hope darting around the man's brain. Then suddenly it hit him. This man was still potentially dangerous. The poison may not have destroyed his body's vital organs yet. He may still be delirious. "OI!" shouted the man "What do you think you are doing?" The policeman turned around slowly. He looked ill. The man walked on towards him. "Are you alright?" The policeman staggered to the middle of the lane and pointed up. The man followed his finger up into the sky. The policeman slowly moved his finger down towards a hole in the middle of the corn field. The man looked at him feeling confused. "What is it?" The man's voice was trembling. ...read more.


I haven't drugged anyone up." The man felt a mixture of anger and sadness as he talked to the policeman. "I'm gonna fall if you don't help me quickly." "Maybe I don't want to help you" said the man without thinking. 'Maybe I should help him up, he might know something important.' "Now you're just being childish. If you were falling out of a window, I'd help you", 'help you die' thought the man whilst breaking into laughter. "What are you laughing at? You're crazy aren't you?" 'This guy's as crazy as a Palestine in a synagogue.' "Does it look like I'm crazy?" The man thought about what the policeman said for a second and then started giggling. 'He's not crazy, he's just stupid.' "You are crazy, heh heh. Look at you, you're hanging out of a window and having a conversation with some insane doctor who drugs people up for a laugh". "Just help me in" said the man with a sigh of relief as he realised the man had a sense of humour. "You look tired" the man told the police constable. "Thanks. I love it when I get compliments' he replied sarcastically. "I'll make you up a bed in the room upstairs. You can sleep there until I wake you tomorrow." The constable had been in bed for an hour and life seemed to be lightening up for the man. Finally there was someone to talk to. Perhaps there was a chance that more life existed on Earth. Patrick McCafferty 10.S 26/3/2003 - 1 - ...read more.

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