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Old Age

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It's a very confusing concept, knowing that you'll never see someone again. She was only fifty one years young when the only grandmother that I have had was taken away from me by swift death due to high blood pressure. I was shocked to learn this soul-destroying news and got heated up to the extent that I was on the verge of taking my pressures life believing that I would be reunited with her. Living in a secluded countryside with her best friend, grand father, my mother and I along with the rest of the family members visited her on this remote part once every year, summer holidays. ...read more.


She convinced me that she was feeling very well. We reached home in the late evening and I went to sleep immediately. At 3:00 AM, I heard my name being called by a woman whose voice sounded husky I didn't realize it was my mother; she was informing me that she thought my grandmother was dead. I wasn't fully awakened yet, but coherent enough to understand the words that came out of her mouth like a skyrocket. I saw my grandmother resting against the cold wall of her bedroom. While the coroner was making his way up the stairs with his gurney and a black body bag, waiting to take her to the morgue until she was picked up by the funeral home. ...read more.


While sitting on the floor next to her covered body as I am moaning, rocking myself, and drowning in my own tears. I knew she was gone when the paramedic tapped my shoulder passing his condolences. Also apologised and that he and his crew had done all they could. While running up the stairs I glanced at my grandfather who was looking misty-eyed, like he had also lost his best friend. Barely allowing my mother to put the car into park, I started to run into my grandmother's house. I began to understand death. I know that death has to happen, it happens to us all. I understand my grandmother's death. She was an old woman, who lived a very long and fulfilling life. I miss her yes, but it's something that was easy to make peace with. ...read more.

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