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Old Major - Text Response

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English Mrs. Wright Old Major - Text Response Comrades of before the Rebellion, you know me. For the new animals here I am Old Major. As you well know the Rebellion has caused a great change to our farm. I must say you have done exceedingly well on the upkeep of this farm. Isn't the rebellion about being free? Also, did you not get rid of Jones so that we could all feel equal? Be treated equal, share the work equally? Tell me who under these current conditions is benefitting? I have spoken to a few of you and now know how the initial plan went so very wrong. ...read more.


You now see that you are working for them. They are the ones benefitting, they have all the apples and milk for themselves. They don't do much work and they don't care about you animals as long as they have the power. You will not now let these unfair conditions continue will you? For you have done so much, and received so little in return. I forward my idea of a new revolution. This new revolution will be gone with all unequal facts. Food, working and living conditions will all be fair and you shall not be ruled over by one kind of animal. A committee of two of each animals on this farm will represent and give forward your ideas to each other. ...read more.


Yes, that day is today, no longer will you stand for unfairness. You will rise together with my help and drive them out just like Jones, as that is who every one of them has become. We can easily overpower the pigs, so many animals joined together overcame humans. The pigs are no different form humans so lets go into this charge and conquer! Stand strong! I'm here to set things strait! After, I will be too old and I'll come to my end. I am here for now to help you stand strong comrades! Overthrow the pigs and stand strong as we gain better food, better working and living habits. Stand strong beside each other as we, together, make this new revolution. The new revolution, move forward and stand strong comrades, stand strong together! Due Date: 8/3/02 By Emma Crossland ...read more.

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