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Old man and the sea essays. In the book " The old man and the sea" by Ernest Hemingway we are introduced to the main character, Santiago. Santiago showed that he possessed three characteristic traits

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Essay 1 In the book " The old man and the sea" by Ernest Hemingway we are introduced to the main character, Santiago. Santiago showed that he possessed three characteristic traits through examples throughout the story. Santiago showed that he possessed the trait of resourceful simplicity through his life as a fisherman. Santiago showed that he possesed the trait of ambition through the great struggles that he endured without complaint. Finally, Santiago showed that he possessed steadfastness through his realtionship with the boy. In "The Old Man And The Sea", Santiago shows that he possess the characteristic triat of simplicity, ambition and steadfastness. Santiago lived an extremely simple and life as a fisherman. Although sometimes he wished for some of the modern conveniences others had such as fishing poles or a gas engine, he knew he was able to do without them. Other fishermen had radios to pass the time while all Santiago had were his thoughts and sometimes the conversations he had with the boy. The sail on his boat is torn and tattered, consisting of a heap of rags that are stitched together. Although a nicer sail would have helped him sail faster and would have been more reliable he knew that he could get by with the one he has. ...read more.


Santiago has been trying to catch this marlin for a long time, so when Sharks begin to follow him and begin to attack the marlin on his voyage back to his hometown, he works his hardest to keep them away. So Santiago wastes no time in finding unique ways to fight off the sharks. For example, he makes a spear out of his knife, a paddle, and some cloth. When that breaks, he then uses the other paddle as a club to beat the sharks away. His ambition to catch his great marlin and return home with it safely shows his ambition to acheive his goals no matter what is in the way. Even after all of these burdens and struggles he does not blame anyone but him self for losing the marlin to the sharks Santiago's relationships with many other people never went into deep personal information, only one became a very steadfast and intimate friendship. This relationship is the one btween him and the boy, Manolin, is one of great importance in "The Old Man And The Sea". Their relationship is a great friendship which has grown over years. Santiago was the first person to ever go fishing with the boy. He was a teacher to Manolin, and showed him everything he knew. ...read more.


He dealt with the pain of the sun burning his skin and hurting his eyes, his hands cramping up, sleep deprivation, and in the final battle with the marlin his hand are sliced open by the ropes but still he perservered. He also coped with plain old age which can be shown in the battle with the sharks in which the old man could only fight them off for so long before he was to weak to even hit the sharks hard enough to scare them away.Though the mental anguish of losing the marlin to the sharks was devastating the most important example of the theme is Santiago's attitude toward his failure to bring the marlin back safely. He does not whine or complain he accepts the fact that he lost the marlin because he went out farther than he should have and that it was his fault and his fault alone to bear. It might be possiible that this is a type of pain that can be controlled by sheer willpower. Santiago's struggle against the marlin and the burdens that went along with that struggle clearly show that, man most withstand suffering and deal with all the trials and burdens thrust upon him' is the theme of "The Old Man and the Sea". ...read more.

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