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Oliver Simpson 3rdJanuary 2004

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Oliver Simpson 3rd January 2004 10nz Enf1w Mr Allenby GCSE: ORIGINAL WRITING "To Kill A Mockingbird" XXXII I awoke with the heat of the morning sun beating down on my face through my bedroom window. After a troubled, restless night reliving the events of my long childhood spent in Maycomb. The night never seemed to end with memory after memory coming back to me. I learnt a lot in my childhood and every lesson has stayed with me and will always be a part of my thoughts. For Jem and me life went on; we both went to school everyday, staying the same way but learning more and more valuable lessons. I soon began to like school and found that learning was more than the Dewey Decimal system. Dill still came to visit every summer, although each time he seemed to change; he began to grow up, but I am sure we were all changing in one way or another, we were all becoming more aware of what was happening and we were all developing into adults. Jem, who did not decide on becoming a lawyer moved to Boston to study medicine. He is still living there with his wife and two children after deciding to join a practice run by a friend's father. He regularly visits Maycomb, quite often at the same time as I do which makes this a very special family time. ...read more.


'Good morning Cal, what a really beautiful day! I am so happy to be back here and away from city life.' I say in a cheerful tone. 'I am pleased you're back on a visit, we all miss you, especially Atticus, he misses you and Jem a lot, we are always talking about you and what you are both doing.' Cal replied. 'Where is Atticus, Cal?' I said, having not seen him since the previous evening. 'He's just gone to the courthouse to pick up some papers, He shouldn't be long, and he will see you back here later. Tuck into your breakfast, I have made crackling bread, you're favourite.' Cal responds. Having had breakfast I grab my coat and bag and I step out into the beautiful sunshine. As I enter the back yard it is like entering another world, I visualise pictures of my childhood days playing games with Jem and Dill. The yard itself hasn't changed much but its surroundings have. The tree house that I helped Jem build was still there, but somehow seemed to be a part of the tree; covered and strangled by the interwoven ivy. I walked out of the yard and along the sidewalk. As I walked along I couldn't help but be drawn back to the thoughts of my childhood. However, it was the old Radley house that dominated my memories. ...read more.


I answered while taking a seat next to the unlit fire. 'How is Miss Maudie, is she okay? I haven't seen her for a while as I have been overloaded with work.' 'She is fine, she's her cheerful self,' I replied while taking some papers out of my bag. I had something I wanted to talk to Atticus about but I didn't know if this was the time to talk. It has been on my mind for a long time and I have thought about it hard. I decided this was the time to tell him. 'Atticus I have something I want to tell you.' 'Okay, Scout you know you can talk to me any time you want.' Atticus replied. 'I am pregnant, that is the easy bit it is just that I now have to make up my mind whether to move to Maycomb and help you or to stay in the city, I feel totally unable to make this decision. I was hoping you would help me make the right choice.' 'Scout I am so happy for you' said Atticus at the same time giving me a hug.' I am so sorry Scout I can't help; it is completely up to you. I wouldn't mind what you do; I will always support your decisions.' After talking to Atticus most of the remainder of the day and into the night and thinking very hard into the early hours of the morning I came to a decision, THAT MY HEART WILL ALWAYS BE IN MAYCOMB BUT MY LIFE IS NOW IN MONTGOMERY. 1 ...read more.

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