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Oliver Twist Nancy Diary Entries

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DIARY ENTRY'S Diary Entry One: It was just another quit and cold night. We were all having a party and for some reason I had a feeling that something was going to happen tonight. The next thing I know is Jack and Charlie bring home a young frail looking boy, he was scruffy and short but he seemed nice and sweet. His name according to himself was none other then Oliver. Oliver looked astonished and frightened, but he was welcomed by my long-term friends, Fagin and Bill. Oliver was confused and had no idea what was happening. I knew it, that moment when I saw the spark in Fagin's eye; he was trying to teach Oliver (a young innocent boy) how to steal. My maternal instincts told me that he was a special lad who did not belong in the company of Fagin's type. This I did not want for the poor little child and I decided to look after him when he was staying with us. ...read more.


It was my responsibility to look after him during his stay. Diary Entry Three: It was kind of weird of today and I found out something shocking. The rich do treat the poor the same and I experienced that when I visited, Brownlows home. I was treated like a guest there. I was shown respect and treated very nicely by everyone, even though I did not deserve it. I broke down into tears, because I have never been treated fairly and nicely. I was even more shocked that the rich were even talking to me, because usually I am treated harshly and disrespectfully. These people have touched my heart and I am wondering whet ever to tell them the truth of what is going on. To show a sign of respect the rich offered me money and told me to start of a new life, but I could not take the money and also betray the people who I have known for ages. ...read more.


Diary Entry Five: I have a strange feeling that this is my last time writing on this diary. This is because I do not think that I will be alive by tomorrow. When I went to talk to, Brownlow and Rose, I had a strange feeling that someone was watching me, but I had to do the right thing, by helping Oliver. If something bad happens to me, I will know that I have done well by helping Oliver. I hope everything will be ok, but I have a strange feeling that it will not be all happy news. If word gets to Bill, then I know I am doomed, because he is the kind of guy who loses his temper quickly. But all I can do now is hope and wait and see what lies ahead later on. This might even be my last diary entry; all I can do now is pray for the best. ?? ?? ?? ?? Abdullah Malik English Coursework ...read more.

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