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Oliver Twist

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Charles Dickens was a very famous writer. He was a very successful and respected author of many well known books, including Oliver Twist. His stories were published in magazines and newspapers and focused mainly on the social issues of the poor. At the start of the extract Oliver watches Fagin. After the coffee was done, Fagin withdraws a small box, containing a magnificent gold watch. Fagin is described by Oliver as a "miser", Fagin is also the leader of a group of children. Fagin is trying to be very elusive. He does not want anyone to know what he is doing. ...read more.


When Oliver meets the other boys Fagin shows him what they had stolen. However, Oliver is unaware the property is stolen. He believes, the items are hand made. Fagin tells Oliver that the items are nicely made. But really the boys got the handkerchiefs by stealing them. Fagin is teasing Oliver. A quote that shows this is: "You'd like to be able to make pocket handkercheifs as easy as Charley Bates, wouldn't you, my dear?" The relevance of this quote is important. It shows him teasing Oliver as he speaks biasly. Fagin and the others try to train Oliver to stal by making him practise 'games.' ...read more.


Charles Dickens, felt strongly about the welfare of poorer classes because he lived in both fortunate and unfortunate conditions, so can easily compare both lives. When Fagin speaks to Oliver, he is mostly lying to him. Also adding to this is his ability to easily convice Oliver. During this chapter however, Fagin's behaviour towards Oliver changes. An example of this is when the threatens Oliver, then drastictly becomes kind. To conclude, this chapter is important to the novel because it develops the characters. Shows us the siginficance of Fagin's group. Also how they trick Oliver into believing its all just a game. Fagin and his gangs life are also more developed here. We see how Fagin teaches them to steal. I think Dickens was trying to show us how life for the poor worked back then. ...read more.

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