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On the 15th of February some drama pupils and I went to watch a play (musical) called Blood Brothers at the Royal Concert hall in Nottingham.

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Blood Brothers On the 15th of February some drama pupils and I went to watch a play (musical) called Blood Brothers at the Royal Concert hall in Nottingham. Blood Brothers is a naturalistic play however it has set backgrounds. The play starts with a gloomy atmosphere having dark lighting showing two dead bodies lying on stretchers surrounded by police and other people. As the other people leave the only people who are left are the narrator and the destroyed mother Mrs Johnson. The play then opens with Mrs Johnson the mum singing to the audience about her life this is a cheerful atmosphere on stage as there is a comfortable background set with a very cheerful tune to the song. Then we see her giving up one of her babies to a friend as she has had twins. ...read more.


Mrs Johnson is now overjoyed as she feels this will be a new start of a better life. However little does she know Eddie has moved to the exact location. With Mickey just being round the corner from Eddie accidentally meet and are now best of friends once again. Mickey then finds a girlfriend called Linda. Eddie also falls in love with her. In later years Mickey is put in jail for taking pills put still continues to take them. We then see Mickey running from work to the council with a loaded gun were Eddie is working. Mickey is very confused and angry. He accuses Eddie of having everything in life and in the spur of the moment his gun goes of killing Eddie. Two other gun shots are fired from the police killing Eddie and Mickey. ...read more.


Eddie also is very soft and hasn't seen life like Mickey has. Even from the young age Eddie has some sweets and Mickey asks him for one however Eddie gives him the whole lot. Mickey cant believe his eyes as obviously no one has ever offered him anything from where he lives. This is due tho mainly to Mickey living in a lower class society then Eddie. With Eddie speaking more posh from Mickey doesn't no many swear words and therefore when Mickey tells him the "f" word Eddie thinks its absolutely amazing. Throughout the play we see Mickey still influencing him towards the wrong direction to doing bad things however nothing comes of this as Eddie goes his own way to university wears as Mickey goes to jail and becomes a drug addict. Because both blood brothers came from different backgrounds I feel that's what lead them into the situations they got under. And all they needed was the right signs in which direction to go with their life....... ...read more.

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