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On the 20th October 2007 Jerry Jackson was sent to Reddington prison for first degree murder. His first

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On the 20th October 2007 Jerry Jackson was sent to Reddington prison for first degree murder. His first 6 months inside were rough, but time passed and he slowly adjusted to life inside. He appealed against his sentence during the first six months, but sadly failed to get bail. The head officer of C section, Jerry's section, Jane Cox has a very formal relationship with her prisoners. She has been serving at the prison for the past ten years and is the most experienced member of staff. Her partner Erik Matthews is a trainee at the prison and the plan is for him to take over Jane's role when she retires. Erik dream has always been to run a prison, he sees becoming head officer a stepping stone to the top. He's a career driven man and is a Harvard graduate. There is one more person who got sucked into this tragic story. Jerry's lawyer Jonathan Cumberland, the most successful lawyer who ever lived. He never lost a case in 5 years. ...read more.


As the flames grew the Erik , Jonathan and Jane had a choice, do they try and save Jerry or leave and make their way up to the top of the building. Jonathan begins to speak "I'm not leaving without Jerry, he's not just a client he's become a friend over the past few years" Jane has a differing opinion "He's a criminal , a murder. Jane shouts "He's scum" but Jack has some remorse "Well I'm going down there to get him. Are you with me or not?" Jonathan agrees "Well Jane I'm with him" and Jane finally agrees to the plan "O.K then I am to. I can't get out of here alone". So they begin to make their way down. They figure out that the only way down is to try and lower themselves down the broken ladder, so that's what they did. When they got to Jerry he was beginning to stir. Jonathan and Erik helped him back up to his feet, then as they turn around the flames engulf Jane, and the staircase there only way back up. ...read more.


Then just before Jonathan crosses he admits "I'm scared of heights and I can't bear to look at the burning floor below" "Come on Jonathan it's only a small bridge" "I guess you're right". But as Jonathan slowly makes his way across the bridge, Erik begins to get impatient as he can see the flames creeping up behind him. So Erik makes a stupid choice of trying to sprint past Jonathan. The bridge collapses with both men now hanging on to the bottom of the broken ladder for dear life. Erik screams "Ahhhhhhhhhhh" as his broken shoulder gives way and he falls to a fiery death. At this time it looks like the wound on the back of Jonathans head is taking effect as he loses consciousness and also falls to his death. Jonathan slowly makes his way down the fire escape ladder. He gets to the bottom and has a choice to walk away or hand himself in. He walks round to the front of the prison and hands himself in , in respect for Erik, Jane and Jonathan. Twelve years later Jerry was released from prison and started his life over as a Christian. By Alex Bowring 11m2 ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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