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On the Basis of a Close look at act four consider where your Sympathies may reside for the two Main Characters

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On the Basis of a Close look at act four consider where your Sympathies may reside for the two Main Characters Act 4 is a bad tempered emotional roller coaster between the two main characters, Higgins and Eliza. The reader feels sympathetic to both Eliza and Higgins at different parts of the act. At first empathy is felt towards Eliza but as the act progresses it is slowly turned towards Higgins. In this act the reader must try and understand the hidden relationship between Eliza and Higgins. The act starts of with Higgins and Pickering engaged in a conversation. Eliza walks into the room and Higgins is cursing for his slippers, "I wonder where the devil my slippers are!" Eliza after hearing this leaves the room. She is barely noticed, "Higgins yawns again and resumes his song." Even when Eliza has accomplished this great achievement, Higgins and even the gentleman Pickering ignore her completely. ...read more.


Eliza then explodes hurling the slippers at Higgins with all her might. At this moment the reader gets a hint of Higgins unaware state. He genuinely was shocked by this gesture, [Astounded] "What on earth - ! What's the matter? Get up. Anything wrong?" Astounded by Higgins's unawareness Eliza become more and more aggravated, "'I've won your bet for you, haven't I? Higgins replies rather crudely, "You won my bet! You! Presumptuous insect...." Even though both Higgins and Eliza had a joint effort in winning the bet, neither can accept it. The reader is torn between sympathizing for Eliza or Higgins. Each has been hurt by one another. Eliza now starts worrying about her future making the reader also worry for her future, "You thank God it's all over, and that now you can throw back again there, do you?" Higgins replies in the exact wrong tone, "The creature is nervous after all." ...read more.


"You go to bed and have a good nice rest and look at yourself in the glass; and you won't feel so cheap." Eliza gets the 'wrong end of the stick' and thinks she's being called a prostitute. "I sold flowers. I didn't sell myself. Now you've made a woman out of me I'm not fit to sell anything else." You feel sorry for Eliza because she has been transformed into a lady without a social or financial background. Finding a job worthy of her new standards would be tough and with Higgins 'toying with her' she emotionally snaps. "He might want them for the next girl you pick up and experiment on." On hearing this comment Higgins loses all sense of self control. For the first time in the play he loses his temper. The reader can now understand that Higgins really did care about Eliza. She was not just 'another experiment'. He was genuinely hurt. Act 4 sends the reader's feelings constantly moving between Eliza and Higgins. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sunil Obhrai October 2006 1004 Words Page 1 of 2 ...read more.

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