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On the Hour

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On the Hour Sophie Rimmer 10R 24th November I aimlessly flung my limp hand sideways, crashing the dock had to control the incessant ringing. Who would have thought such a tiny object could produce so much ceaseless noise. The clock lost it's footing and careered sideways off my table catching the wire to my light which in turn dragged itself and my prestigious school cup off my desk. I grimaced as I heard the various objects make metallic crashing noises on to my hard floorboards. I struggled to open my eyes, they were glued shut and I could feel the light penetrating my eye lids. I bundled up my duvet and hurl my ungainly body off my bed, pounding my feet hard on the already disorganised floor. A strong ultraviolet ray peered around my heavy dust ridded curtains, casting an unnaturally eerie, warm light over my bed. I stretched my big toe to the clock and rolled it over. it read 7:40, nearly eight o'clock. My eyes could just pick out the digits. I stumbled over the junk on the floor and kicked open the door with my heel. The house was silent, the lack of noise was deafening. This was unusual on a weekday, usually my brother Mark was awake and my dad often sipping coffee and putting the world to rights at the kitchen table. Grabbing my dressing gown from the door I lumbered downstairs, the deathly silence creeping up on me like an ogre. ...read more.


My heart was starting to pound, I could hear it inside my head. My breathing rate was increasing, I felt like a criminal facing from a crime scene. But I think I was the more likely victim. I was so confused, what was I shoved the three things under my bed. I quickly tried to put them to the back of my mind. Late, yet again, I ran up the steps as the 5minute bell rang, span round the stairs my bag zooming off my shoulder and resting on my elbow joint as I burst into my form room. Thirty faces looked up from their desks and my teacher grimaced at me from under he red rimmed glasses. She looked like something straight out of the 70's, her bright red glasses and her heavily made up face disguised the onset of wrinkles in her old age. I smiled sheepishly and glanced up at the clock. I'd made it with just over a minute to spare. 'Gemma, how nice of you to join us, and so promptly as well, 8:58' Miss Gibson was always good at the quick throw away lines. I smiled sheepishly, she knew just as well as I that I wasn't late, and with a certain displeasure she began to register us. My heels made that almost comforting 'click-clack' noise as I walked down the aisle down to my seat, I could feel eyes on the back of my head and felt like a bride with all the people watching me! ...read more.


I heard a locker shake from side to side like the pendulum on a Grandfather clock before toppling over, vibrating the floor like a mini earthquake. I felt the ripples of vibration from under my feet travel up my spine, painfully shaking my body and knocking the protruding bones in my knee caps together. Instead of looking up I buried my face further into my hands, stuffing a bit of my jumper sleeve into my mouth to stop and noise coming out. I curled up closer, I didn't want to look I was afraid to see what was going on. I could feel a presence around me, a strange warmth like a forcefield encircling my curled up body. I didn't look up, I sung happy songs inside my head, trying to mask out all senses I had. I bit my teeth on my jumper, I could feel the thick wool tickling my nose and it became more and more itchy as I clasped my teeth tighter around the fabric. I felt a withdrawn feeling as my mind almost came apart from my body, I felt a need to look up, and did so, I squinted hard, but all around me was black. As quick as lightening I saw that gleam of silver and that paper, a black hand held it up over what must be a face. Without warning it was released into the air, spinning violently cutting through the air straight towards me. I couldn't move, I was stuck, it was as if somebody had pressed pause on a film; but the knife wasn't listening. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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