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On the Road: the Fictional Reality. By Jack Kerouac.

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Dylan Martin Ms. Yun English 12/10/03 On the Road: the Fictional Reality Jack Kerouac wrote On the Road, a story of his journey across America, as a fictional book for personal safety and because he believed fiction had more meaning for a book. The period in which Jack Kerouac wrote On the Road shunned some of the ideas portrayed in the book. Kerouac felt it was necessary to disclose the identities of the people in the book and turn it in to a fictional story so as not to be associated with the book. Another reason Kerouac made On the Road fictional was because biographies are not as popular as fictional books and fictional books have more meaning and leave more room for interpretation for a reader. ...read more.


For example "the beat's" view of girls wasn't very popular and Kerouac wouldn't want his friends to get hassled by the public for that, especially himself. Kerouac also wanted to protect his friends and himself from lawsuits and charges that could be pressed against them for the various things they did. Another reason could be that Kerouac was only looking for a story while he was "on the road" and only loosely based the book on his true experiences while exaggerating some parts, taking some parts out and putting in some completely untrue parts. Fiction allows the author to spice it up a bit too, which makes the book even better. It is also very likely that he made it a fictional story because biographies aren't as popular. ...read more.


Kerouac probably also wanted to change around a couple parts of the book that he didn't like or needed a little exaggeration to spice it up. One of Kerouac's main goals was to sell the book and I personally would much rather read a fictional book than someone's biography just because fiction tends to be a lot less boring, so Kerouac might have used it as a marketing advantage. Mainly I think Jack Kerouac was "on the road" because he was looking for inspiration in his writing or to write about, and when he finally found it, he used his travels as a base to his story and changed certain things. On the road is a fiction book because Kerouac decided to protect his and his friends identities by changing their names and because he altered some of the content of the book in order to make it better. ...read more.

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