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On The Run

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On The Run I had to leave. It had been going on too long and I was sick of it. They weren't due home for hours. I grabbed my bag and started to pack. I'd soon be free. I was around six years old when it began. My parents were highly religious and if I was disobedient or achieved an inadequate grade at school then I would be sent to our basement for days at a time to think about what I had done with nothing but a glass of water and a Bible. The beatings started around a year later and were both physical and verbal. On a near-daily basis I would be told how I was unworthy of this world and how I, Mary, was a punishment from God to my parents for any bad they had done in their life. I'm fifteen years old now and it's worse than ever. I try to be like a normal teenager outside of my home and I have a box hidden under the floorboards in my room. ...read more.


My father stated, remaining eerily calm. He looked around the room and suddenly grabbed the now boiling pan of soup and he poured it all over me faster than you can blink. The pain was excruciating, like nothing you could ever begin to imagine. My parents remained calm; their eyes full of hatred. My father then knocked me to the floor in one punch and then dragged me by my hair to the top of the stairs which lead down to the basement. I tried to stand but instead fell down the stairs. I was in hospital when I woke up the next day. The strong smell of bleach stayed in my nostrils and I was in a ward full of other patients and their families. Mine was nowhere to be seen. The pain was only just made bareable by the painkillers I obviously had in my system. As I looked down at my battered body, I saw it was covered in cuts and bruises and my arm was covered in bandages where the soup had burnt me. ...read more.


I ran into the kitchen and began searching through the cupboards for any food which would fit into the remaining space in my bag. I finally took my coat from the coat rack and walked out the door. Luckily I didn't live far from the train station and as I walked down my street I thought to myself how I would never have to step inside that house again and knowing that I would soon be gone from this town completely was extremely overwhelming by itself. When I arrived at the train station, there was luckily a train sat in the station due to leave for London in fifteen minutes so I rushed to the ticket desk and bought a one way ticket to London. I boarded the train and found a deserted carriage so I took my pick and put my feet up. I spent the entire journey thinking about what I would do in such a large city I'd never been to when I was from a small town in the north of England. I didn't have any idea what I would do when I arrived, I just knew I was free. ...read more.

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