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On the Run.

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On the Run (GCSE Coursework) The man, lying face down on the ground appeared to be dead. The mugger was on the floor after a blow I gave him to the head. It was there like a log, not moving at all. There was blood rushing out like a fast flowing river. I noticed the man had a briefcase and it was slightly open. I stared at the case; I could see something bright enclosed, curiosity drew me closer, and I snatched the case. I opened it to find a goldmine. Enclosed were around ten keys of cocaine. Why would a man have an enormous amount of 'whites' with him? This was an opportunity of a lifetime. Around five hundred thousand pounds worth of narcotics! I heard the sound of a distant police siren, whatever to do? I reached to get back my valuables, and belongings. The noise of the sirens come closer and closer, I just realized, my wallet is in the mugger's hand, but his hand is under his head. I grabbed the wallet and ran, but several of my personal cards fell out. There was blood all over my hands and wallet. ...read more.


Worth a few tons, nothing more. I caught the tube for just the one stop and ended up in Heathrow Terminal four. I couldn't help thinking I was being followed, as I saw several men in black suits close by. I had two bags in my hand, and decided I had to get past customs. The men seemed to be following me, and my heart started to beat rapidly, fortunately I had close relative who was working with the conveyor belt. The men appeared to have guns under their jackets; I hurried towards Jason, who was working near check in. I handed him the bags, and waited for the plane, the men got within five meters and I started sprinting towards the boarding area. I noticed I was producing buckets of sweat, and got towards the boarding area, I asked an airline assistant, where my gate was and she pointed out. I looked cocked eyed at the men in suits and noticed they were jogging, I ran onto my plane, and relaxed on the way to Hollywood. When I got off, I felt all my troubles were over, and I am going to be a very rich man! ...read more.


I looked with one eye to see the bloodbath, but then a policeman on the floor shot me, in the eye. I was partially blinded, but with my other eye saw the two men shoot at each other, I grabbed to suitcase and made my way out, as I heard sirens. I saw Sam on the floor, for sure he was dead, he had multiple gun shot wounds, all over his body, due to the menacing power of the shotguns. I put a dollar in his hand and whispered, ' we did it buddy' and made my way out of the room. I had left the scene of carnage, and took the back routes of the hotel, to my pink Cadillac. I drove into the sunset and decided I was going to go to the Bahamas, and live my dream, as a King, I would be like Elvis, the king, my journey was complete, and my dreams fulfilled, there was no running back from what had happened, the deaths, the murders, the lives gone, like the autumn leaves. But lives will be reborn again, which I think, makes this journey, this adventure to kingship, worthwhile. By Ajay Patel 10/SC3 Ajay Patel 10/Sc3 - 1 - ...read more.

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