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On the second of December 1987 something magical was taking place.

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GCSE Assignment -Original Writing On the second of December 1987 something magical was taking place. The angels rejoiced as a certain king among kids came into the world. Since that beautiful day so long ago the kingdom still hasn't arrived, but I'm absolutely sure that it's on its way. For now here are my memories. Three years had passed since my birth and things had taken another turn for the worse - I had come to the age when I had to go to playgroup. This was the Last Supper to me, before I took those few steps towards the towering scarlet doors of hell. I choked my fruit 'n' fibre down my dry throat; it was met by a swarm of butterflies in my stomach churning and whirling inside of my body. I darted a look at the clock, second by miserable second the fires of playgroup drew closer. Eight forty or forty past eight as it was to me then. It didn't seem as though a single minute had passed by, when my mum was lifting me from my quite place of solitude (the airing cupboard), into her arms and saying in a cool, gentle voice. "Don't worry Lukie, it'll be fine when you get there." ...read more.


This may have seemed a little over the top but at that age going to a place with bigger people was intimidating to say the least. The little wooden hut, known as Ham Playgroup, was towering above me beckoning to me. I tried my hardest to force the fear from my mind. It wouldn't budge. Giving it another try just brought forward more anguish and desperation. So I tried the "skiving syndrome" and let two rolling chesty coughs and a snivel burst out of me. They were greeted by a small laugh and: "That's the best I've heard yet, your brother could never have matched that. Very convincing but I'm sure you're alright" My mum's hand slid onto my forehead. "No temperature -" "I don't feel hot, I feel cold and sniffy" "Voice is fine too" "Its my throat and chest not my voice" I hadn't quite learnt about the connections between and throat and so hadn't discovered that if my throat hurt, your voice announced the fact to everyone listening. My mother chuckled and led me forwards towards the door. I didn't resist, as I was too scared to move. ...read more.


Relief coursed through my body and I let a grin break across my face, this was going to be great. All my fellow classmates seemed to relax after we found the older children gave our presence their approval and it wasn't long before the games of hide and seek, kicking William and run from the teacher began. The hour long visiting session shot along like a jet. It felt as though I had only been playing cowboy games, shooting around, terrorising the girls and making so many new friends, for a few seconds, not sixty minutes. Cars grumbled up the short, muddy slope known as the drive to the adults and I began to wish that I could stay in this beautiful place of joy. The door creaked forward and my mother swept through it with a smile as to say I told you so. She lifted me off the dusty, worn carpet and we headed for the door. "Thankkew" I muttered to the colourful, cuddly Mrs. Turnbill. The sparking, colour filled room was suddenly blocked from my eyes and the door followed us to a close. I had survived the initiation and loved every fun filled second of it. What would the future hold...? LUKE SMITH 10.S ...read more.

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