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On the seventh day, the 28th,Tyson was standing on the edge of an elevated building, wondering how

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On the seventh day, the 28th, Tyson was standing on the edge of an elevated building, wondering how he had ever gotten himself into this situation. The timid night was upon him. Blood trickled from his forehead, eyes worn out of their sockets and his stomach fit to burst. Falling seemed like the single sane thing to do having been wrongly convicted of homicide at his college. Tyson's existence had been a torment ever since he moved to his new school roughly one week back. He takes one more step forward. He leans over to take a look but a blurred, obscured picture is all he can make out. Cars racing across the roads at soaring pace can be heard but that's all. Tyson had never been so terrified in his life until this moment. His legs and hands quiver in trepidation as he takes one more step forward. * * * The morning of the 21st began. Tyson woke up with the sunshine gleaming directly in his eyes. He strode his legs outside the bed, yawning, and with not the happiest expression on his face. It was 6 am, and the first day of the week had come. ...read more.


He could not even face going to school knowing something terrible may happen to him. The next day, the final day of the week, Tyson's mum examined him to see if he was lying. Finding out that he was, Mrs Whitton sent Tyson to school even though Tyson was begging not to go in. He could do nothing. He had to go. Today was going to be the longest day of Tyson's life. School was luckily not as bad as he made it out to be. No one said anything to him all day. To Tyson this was good but still, Tyson was as sad as ever. Tyson stayed back after school to do some extra revision for a test and just to make sure nothing bad happened on the way home. When he had finally finished his revision he left school. It was pitch black outside which still added to the fear of walking home alone. Tyson walked briskly with tensed shoulders, looking left and right every other second for any one trying to follow him. Unexpectedly, a shadow overpowered Tyson and he was grabbed from his jacket and pulled him into an alley. ...read more.


From the 21st to the 28th his life has been a living hell. Tyson couldn't take any more of it. As the guards were taking him to the prison, Tyson suddenly broke out and ran as fast as he could, up the stairs and onto the roof. He walks to the edge of the building, knowing this might be the last minutes of his life. As he gets to the edge, he leans forward, seeing what is below. He can not see much as his eyes are heavily battered, but the sound of fast cars let him know it's not going to be a pretty ride. He closes his eyes. As he does, he hears someone behind him. She steps forward. ''Tyson, son, what are you doing'' calmly said the mother. ''Don't give me all that sad stuff. I know you never believed from the beginning did you. I hate you! And I never want to see you again.'' Shouts Tyson. ''Listen, son, people make mistakes. It happens. Why don't you just turn your self in and all will be normal as it was before.'' replies the mother. ''See. I knew it. You never trusted me. Just go! Tyson becomes furious and pushes his mother out the way. He spreads his arms out wide, closes his eyes and with no emotion on his face, jumps. ...read more.

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