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On The Sidewalk Bleeding.

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Leeanne Slade On The Sidewalk Bleeding I sat alone in my bedroom yet again finding myself recollecting Andy. I sat knelt on the end of my bed gazing into the reflection before me. All I could think of was little Marie, our daughter. She frequently asked about her father, Andy, but I had been too scared to tell her. Tonight was the night. It had been seven years to the day that he tragically died, and tonight I was going to tell Marie about her father's death. Finally. Later that evening, Marie and I were enjoying our evening meal, simple fish and chips. We sat at the table in the lounge of out small flat. It wasn't perfect but it suited us just fine. I was very anxious. I had no idea how I was going to bring the subject up in a way that a seven year old girl would understand. ...read more.


I then closed the door and read the card for myself, even though I knew what it would say. Dear Laura, I hope you are coping well on this sad day. We are all thinking of you and send our love. Love Rosa and the family. "Rosa." I sighed under my breath. I turned and put the flowers on the table were Marie was still eating. I had to tell her now. "Mummy." She said swallowing hard. "Did Daddy pass away today?" I looked at her, she was only young but could read well. I was very relived. "Yes it was Honey." I said whilst smiling at her. " Would you like me to tell you about it?" I asked. "Yes please." She said while leaving the table and placing herself on the sofa. I followed her and made myself comfy on a seat next to her. ...read more.


I spotted his wound and placed my hand on the blood. I still remember the pain I felt as I gazed into his eyes. "I'm dying." He whispered to me. "I love you Laura and don't you ever forget that." I told him I loved him too. His eyes were filled with tears and fear. I continued to gaze into his eyes. I couldn't look away. Then, in an instant, he went limp. I remember the pain, It felt like half of me was lost and there was no way it would ever be found. What made it worse was that he had no idea I was pregnant. I didn't get the chance to tell him, he never knew about you Marie." I looked up after my story and wiped the tears from my face. I turned to loo and Marie, only to find her fast asleep next to me, clutching her teddy. I placed a blanket over her and lifted her to bed. "Maybe when she's older." I whispered to myself. The End. ...read more.

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