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Once Again the Suns’ Rays Awake Me For Another Day of the Spring Holiday.

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Once again the suns' rays awake me for another day of the spring holiday. After a steamily and warm glorious shower and return to the comfort of my bed, as I rested there the pearls of water gush down the side of my face and drip onto the floor. For an instant I start to think about some days at school, the sometimes-dull lessons that seem to be able to extend time to its own will. The TVs selection of daytime TV is still one of the best ways to kill of the rest of my brain cells. But there on the corner of the bed lies a picture of a past boat holiday. The journey, which I had on it. The constant vibrations from the boats powerful driving engine rocked the boat inside from start to finish. The morning sun rises for the first time set an immense glare on the glossy surface of the water. There is intoxication smell from the galley of the boat, which lures me down into the heart of the boat. As I look at the windows, to the port side of the boat you are able to see families of ducks silent in the early morning. ...read more.


But luck for him he didn't have to use after 10weeks apart from when they wanted to play games in it. Instead of that they live under the stairs. During the nights they could often hear the destructive sound of the German bombs. As he looked out he good see the flashes in the sky. Since he was young he found it all very exciting unlike his parents. His father was often away at work and frequency was on 'Fire Watching' at the Bristol docks. His mother was always feeling very sorry for him because his eyes were always a blood shot red after it, which she had assumed that it was from the smoke. But later they all found out that he had been playing cards and drinking through most of the nights. I now change the subject to school life and how it was from him. He enjoyed his stay at school. He found it interesting to say the least. When the school alarm sounded, everyone would have to go under the church into the Crypt, which was very close. Even during church services they all had to go under and wait for them to finish. I quickly wanted to learn more about the air raids at Bristol so I let him carry on with this little topic. ...read more.


The view from my bed gives me a perfect view of the clearer picture of the TV, which I take full advantage of during the night. Adjacent to the bed lies a Victorian Setae, which had the job of taking care of my dirty, messy clothes at the end of the days. Looking blankly at the ceiling, I'm able to see the old remains of decoration from Christmases passed which have been torn of with a great force. Looking around this room, I feel at sense of alienation, as I hear nothing in the close of a spring day. Scattered dirt cups have been carefully place around the room for safekeeping. The curtains have been made from old sheets that have seen better days. I love this little room, it seems to be like me a mess sometimes but other times perfectly tidy and carm. As another day has passed for me and the other 6 billion, I begin to dwell in my own thoughts . What a great thing life truly is. That we have been given the ability to create life but at the same time the ability to take away life. The slightly closed curtain lets me look deep into the night sky. Shinning from billions of years away the stars, the amazement of space. The prospect of life itself on other worlds, that one we may meet or might meet us. By Robin Stewart 4S ...read more.

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