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One Cigarette

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One Cigarette In his poem, One Cigarette, Edwin Morgan explores the nature of love using an extended metaphor. In this essay I will look at how effective Edwin Morgan's use of language and imagery are. I will capture the relationship in the poem and also the thoughts and feelings of the voice in the poem. Edwin Morgan has written this poem as a free verse. Meaning there is no rhythm to the poem and it does not rhyme. It seems as Is Morgan has just randomly placed words and thoughts next to one another to create this poem. He has given it no sense of direction just like love has no sense of direction. You never know who you will fall in love with or what may happen when you are in love. Firstly I will look at the extended metaphor of the title, One Cigarette. Secondly I will look at his use of language and imagery. In Edwin Morgan's use of 'One Cigarette,' for the title, he sets the relationship. ...read more.


This cigarette represents the pleasure the voice just had but also shows that it is just a dirty habit. This is paradoxical because the cigarette is representing two complete contradictory things. In Morgan's use of "glowed" it makes me think that the voice is madly in love with the second person. This is because when something is glowing it is throbbing which then leads me to think of hearts. Hearts symbolize love. "Of so much love. One Cigarette, In the non-smokers tray." Morgan does not seem to have and structure to his poem, One Cigarette. He continues this here as he uses enjambment. Here Morgan is implying that a cigarette is the same as love. In Morgan's use of this I consider him to be implying that the love is burning away, very quickly, just the way cigarettes burn. The non-smokers tray seems to represent an ash-tray. This ash-tray holds the love(Cigarette) or what is left of the love. Ash-trays hold waste, this signifies the love is a waste, unrequited love, because the second person does don't feel the. ...read more.


In fact his love has never loved him, his world has fallen apart. "I'll breath, and long past midnight, your last kiss." This shows that the relationship that the voice thought existed with his love is finally over. The voice has now eventually realised that the person never loved him and now knows that nothing will ever happen between them. All he now has left of this love relationship, that never was, is the feel of that last this he had with her. After thoroughly analysising Edwin Morgan's poem, One Cigarette, I have finally come to the conclusion about what Edwin Morgan has been trying to show that love is complicated but still is uncontrollable. In this case of the voice, he has falling in love with someone he shouldn't have but cannot get himself out of it. The love began controlling him and everything he saw reminded him of his love but all along she never loved him. Edwin Morgan was very successful, in his use of language and imagery, to get across the relationship between the voice and this love. By Amy Robertson ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

4 star(s)

4 STARS ****

This is a well written essay with some thoughtful and perceptive insights.
Analysis of language is accurately identified using linguistic and literary terminology.
The writer has a very personal response to the poem which is carefully explained.
Some small errors suggest proof reading should have been more thorough.

Marked by teacher Katie Dixon 10/05/2013

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