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One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich

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One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich Another day hard at work. Another day has gone by without a snowstorm. I couldn't bring my piece of hacksaw I found yesterday with me in case we were searched again. Well at least I have my good tool to work with other wise it will be impossible to break through any ice with any other old, scrappy tool. I reached behind the other tools; removing a pile of dirt, I picked up my trusty tool from where I hid it yesterday. If only I could etch my name 'Shukhov' onto it, that way it will be mine... forever. But, that would mean spending time in the cells because you're not allowed to keep any tools, you get what you get and you're not allowed to take them back to camp when you're done in case any of us prisoners use them to escape. ...read more.


"Brrrr..." Tiurin murmured, trying to get out words. "Right, those who were stacking the mortars should almost be finished so when you are...umm... half of you help mix up some more and the rest..." he trailed off. What is wrong with Tiurin, he usually knows exactly what we have to do. Now he just isn't explaining fast enough. He must have had a bad night, which means a bad day... for all of us. "Well when you are done just...fuck...find me and I will tell you then." Tiurin sighed, "The rest of you know what to do except you," he was pointing at me, shit is that good? "Your coming with me, O.K.? lets go." I felt like saying 'NO, Its too fucking cold.' But I said "O.K" I always tend to do that, say something totally different to what I think I am saying or want to say. But without another word spoken we all got up and I felt another gush of wind give me a chill down my spine. ...read more.


But Tiurin knew what it was, he was looking at the sky. Could it be...a snowstorm? That's just crazy; Tiurin said assuredly a moment ago that today will be like any other. The wind was picking up and it was getting harder to see because the wind was blowing around the sleet so I was squinting to prevent it from getting in my eyes. The camps siren begun to warn us of a snowstorm but it was echoing so I couldn't tell which way the camp was. "This way" called Tiurin "We have to round up the rest." "So much for an average day then." But I was drowned out by the thunderous noise. I was following Tiurin but I had no sense of direction because I was worried how heavy the storm would get. Within less than a minute, we were at one of the village houses and within moments Kalis was with us. I saw others regrouping to head back to camp but I couldn't work out who they were. I turned to head back with Kalis and... Tiurin, where did he go? ...read more.

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