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One Fat Summer.

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One Fat Summer-Robert Lipsyte Characters: Bobby Marks-The protagonist, a 14-year-old overweight boy who spends his summers on Rumson Lake. Joanie Miller- Bobby's best friend and confidant, who has a very large nose. Dr. Kahn- A stingy estate owner who employs Bobby. Michelle Marks- Bobby's sister. Marty Marks- Bobby's father. Lenore Marks- Bobby's mother. Willie Rumson- The antagonist, Bobby's enemy, former Marine. Pete Marino- Michelle's boyfriend, a role model of Bobby's. Summary: One Fat Summer takes you through a summer of change for Bobby Marks, an overweight 14-year-old boy who wishes he were thin. Faced with nothing to do for the summer, Bobby gets a job from a stingy estate owner, Dr. Kahn. Working for Dr. Kahn, Bobby learns about hard work, determination, and pride. The only thing that can stop Bobby's productive summer is Willie Rumson, the town bully who seems to have it out for Bobby. Throughout the story, Bobby learns things about himself that he never knew before, and his view of summer changes drastically. Topic: One Fat Summer primarily chronicles the change of the protagonist, Bobby Marks. Throughout the course of his summer, the summer of 1952, he changes; he gains more respect, loses weight, and realizes the values of hard work and determination. ...read more.


Kahn assumes Bobby knows how to operate the motorized lawnmower, however Bobby does not. With many failed tries to start the mower by Bobby, Dr. Kahn realizes Bobby does not know how to use the mower. Dr. Kahn shows him how to start it, and, after several attempts, Bobby is able to start it. Bobby is clearly inexperienced by the way he mows; he does not avoid rocks, he does not cut in straight lines, and he constantly forgets to fill the mower with gasoline. Bobby thinks he has done well, however his options are reversed when Dr. Kahn chides him for breaking the cutting blade. The next day, Bobby feels he will do better, now knowing what to expect. This time, however, his job is worse. He cuts in zigzags, and misses many small tufts of grass. When Dr. Kahn sees this, he is appalled. He instructs Bobby to do it over the next day. At this point in the story, Bobby learns his first lessons of the values of hard work and determination. He realizes that much effort must be focused on the work at hand. When cutting the lawn the next day, he is determined to finish without any mistakes, which he does. ...read more.


This new confidence is a direct result of his work for Dr. Kahn, which is an experience that changes his life. Dr. Kahn has helped Bobby change his life for the better, and Bobby is grateful to him for this. Bobby learned many important things while working for Dr. Kahn, including hard work, determination, and pride. Working for Dr. Kahn also affected Bobby physically, increasing his strength and helping him lose weight. This, along with his increased determination and pride, helped Bobby gain more courage and confidence. Having increased pride in his work, Bobby gained more self-respect, and others gained more respect for Bobby. Working for Dr. Kahn gave Bobby many invaluable characteristics. Evaluation: One Fat Summer is an entertaining, well-written book. It is one of the best I have read, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an inspirational, entertaining story. The morals outlined are important for all people, and the increasing determination of the character to change is capable of lifting the spirits of anyone looking to change something in their life. I would especially recommend this story to anyone dealing with a weight problem, because this is the specific topic of the book. It sends a positive message to children with weight problems, and gives them a good example of a way to change their ways. This is a truly heart-warming and inspirational story. Liam Localio Period 4 Book Report #1 11/5/02 ...read more.

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