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One flew over the cuckoo's nest. Mrs Ratched's report.

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Nurse Ratched’s Report Luis Peña Pan Klinzmann’s Mental Institution Monday 21st May 1955 Ward C1 6.00 am. Arrival to the hospital before than usual since affairs related to Mc Murphy’s behavior were discussed. It was agreed to wait for Mc Murphy to acclimatize and if his behavior still continues to cause problems, a new convocation will decide what steps to take. 6.30 am Lights turned on. Patients have been given time to prepare for breakfast. No incidents in the bathrooms. 7.00 am Breakfast has been served. Patients have eaten without any disturbances. 7.30 am As every Monday morning, some patients have been brought into the Shaving room where they have been shaved. ...read more.


9.30 am. Chief Bromden has left the Seclusion Room and has incorporated with other patients. 11am Led by Miss Finn, the grade-school teachers have been shown our installations and the state of the patients. 11.15am. Short meet with the grade-school teachers. Their impressions of the hospital have been very positive, ? What a nice atmosphere Nurse Ratched!? 11.30 am. School-grade teachers leave the hospital. No contretemps have been reported during the visit. 12.00am. Aglomeration of people in the waiting room. The new patient Mc Murphy challenges nurse Pilbow in front of everyone? eyes. Nurse Finn has injected a tranquilizer to patient Mc Murphy after he lost his nerves. ...read more.


19.00pm. Time for dinner. 20.00pm Lights switched off. Comments of the day: 1. Mc Murphy seems to be leading a revolution. He has challenged nurse Pilbow and it seems that other patients are taking his example. To avoid further manoeuvres, tomorrow an assembly will take place, at 6.am, to determine which stance the hospital must adopt to cease Mc Murphy?s actions. 2. If patient Mr. Taber still spurns the medication assigned to him, Dr. Spivey will have to resort to force. 3. New system of alphabetic order at the bathrooms seems to be working correctly. Suggestions: 1. Isolotate patient Mc Murphy from others patients (until a new decision at the assembly tomorrow is adopted.) 2. Give more work to the black boys to avoid further complications. ...read more.

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