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one girl one dream

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One Dream and One Girl Life's choice - chapter 1 Life can turn out to be whatever you choose it to be, through which ever path you take, some of them are your choice, and some are chosen for you. Your actions mainly determine this. Your dreams can come true if you try, you are the dreamer. My dream is merely the start of what I experienced, the epic journey took me by no surprise, but what was left after did. The chase- chapter 2 School was hard for me as I have never settled down in one place since I was 4 or 5, for I have been to many countries and experienced far more than imaginable. It is late and the darkness is starting to surround me. "Run for it Eleza" screeched a passing school boy. My hearts racing, I do not know what is to become of me if I do not take action immediately. I wait for my family to return, but if I do not act now, I fear I shall not survive. I ran, men as were chasing me from behind. (My mother never told me why we were always running from the police; I assumed they just didn't like us.) "STOP or we will have to use force!" shouted the biggest man running. I wasn't giving up yet, I don't know my way around this village because I move all the time, but I did know where the forest was. If I could run fast enough, maybe I could lose them in there. While running I took off my bag and left it on the floor, so that I could get away faster. I think it took me about 20 minutes to loose them after that, but eventually they gave up, or at least for now they did anyway. I am lost and without my family. ...read more.


"Eleza is that you?" Cried a soft voice "Mum? Mum is that you?" I didn't think it was possible "Eleza I knew you would come back" she replied "I have to go mum sorry, I can't get close to you because it will rip you apart when I leave again, sorry" I shouted while running away down the street "No Eleza no! I can't cope without you" screeched mum That was the last time I ever saw my mum. Gun shots were fired shortly after I had left, and I just assumed that the police heard her and found out where she was hiding. I knew that the police would be after me soon so I searched refuge on the out skirts of the village, fortunately a couple were also on the run from the police so I went into a home with them, it wasn't an amazing home but at least it provided a roof over my head and food for my empty stomach. "Why are you running from the police?" I questioned the couple, "because of our religion, people here do not support our beliefs and say that we don't belong in this community" they stopped, they were going to say more but they could see that I was too tired to listen and so they rested my head in the cloth and rug bed they had made up for me, I thanked them. I started to shiver as it got later into the night so I moved my bed closer to the raging fire to keep warm. I woke up the next morning still feeling incredibly tired because I didn't sleep very well. The couple were very kind to me, for breakfast they gave me a cup of milk and also a piece of bread. Once I had finished eating my food I told the couple what my situation was and what my plans are, they took it as quite a surprise but understood completely and even offered to help out. ...read more.


So unfortunately my time in Africa came to an end. I was heartbroken to leave my new family, I felt like someone when I was there and didn't want to go. "Eleza thank you for all the help that you have done for our village, and I hope that you will remember the unforgettable memories that we have shared." Mandisa said as she burst into tears and gave Keon a hug to make him feel better. "coming here was a great adventure and if I could do it again then I would, but as I do have to go, I take nothing away from you, you have all you need in your lives and I hope that what I have taught you has made a difference to your education." This was the last thing I said to the great people that I had stayed among for months; it was a very emotional time for me and didn't want to prolong the sadness. Moments later I was whisked off back to England to a life full of surprises beyond that of anyone else's. Acknowledgments Mandisa and Keon are actual African names The song that Keon sang (Kpanlogo) is a recent African song - A fairly recent (1940s?) highlife dance form. Dancing is high-spirited and the songs are fresh and lively. The drums are conga-like and played with hands. Mandisa means - sweet. The story is one that hopefully opens your eyes to the impact of de-forestation and some people's views, the girl Eleza started off as a girl running from the law, then after protesting for what she believed in, she pulled though and went to another country to help those in need of more help than herself, I hope that the book showed you that you can do anything if you really put your mind to it. The strangers in the book are when she flies over to Africa she is introduced strangers. ...read more.

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