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One light was glowing, visible in the solitary upstairs window. The back of a tall head could be seen in the shadows.

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9th October 2006 A dark, scary old castle... HW Amy Hedderman With the demise of a city, far far away, deep into unseen land, were overgrown trees, rock back and forth and blow vigorously in the gigantic gush's of vicious wind. The big heavy trees overshadowing, thick gloupy swamps and overgrown deadly shrubs. The sight is bleak where daylight is unheard of, full of moist air covering the dead surroundings. The roar of thunder creeping in from a distance spooks the flock of cawing crows. Over a high demolished old trench, stood a tall shabby castle, overgrown with climbing ivy in every crack and crevice. A brick laid structure, brittle, crusted cement falling piece by piece leaving gaping holes, which attemptable are covered with patched of odd, jagged scrap wood, hammered in, with long bent, rusted nails. Smashed windows and doors blow continuously, in the gustily wind, banging one after the other, against the ancient castle. ...read more.


Time went by, like a second hand of a clock, and the unattended parcel needed to be delivered soon. Finally after 4 weeks of hard working postman spreading there knowledge of street names and towns, the parcels address was found. Tim was over the moon and his excitement was building up in his stomach, knowing he would have to deliver the one and only famous parcel which had finally been figured out. The day had come and Tim had travelled miles on end to reach the location of the old castle. The red car was parked at a dead end, as far as he could go. He trekked through fields of waist high damp grass, until finally he could vaguely see a tall shabby castle in the distance. He walked and walked, the castle in his view gradually getting closer and closer. He had made it. The crooked gate creaked as he slowly pushed it open, trying to be as quiet as possible he tiptoed up the oversized door. ...read more.


Arrangements were made and tim was a frequent visitor to Mr Buckle. From having not stepped out his door and being imagined as a scary old man who lived in a haunted castle on top of a steep hill, to having made a new friend and starting a new social life both, having many things in common. One evening when Tim was round for a full course luxury dinner, the surname topic came into conversation again. A pause from both men struck them. The shiny knives and forks clonk, as the were dropped onto the clean white plates. It had come to them. 'We must be brothers' they both said at the exact same second. It was unbelievable, why hadn't they thought of it before? They both stared at each other deeply, and awkward silence... From then on both brothers looked on brightly at the future and both became working members of the post office. They both carried on there leading a happy life together, looking out for there lost parents... ...read more.

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