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One love in Amsterdam

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One love in Amsterdam Netherlands Ethan get over here, I am tired where here in Amsterdam, I did not want to come, in fact I never wanted to come here. Who am I kidding I am in Amsterdam, why not enjoy whilst you have time. Anyway, better get unpacking once we reach the hotel, cause dad and I are going to watch Ajax entertain PSV Eindhoven tomorrow, anyway enough about that I going to bed. In the morning, I felt things under my bed covers I could not work out what they were, but in a way it felt like a bad dream, I couldn't move so I shouted mom! Dad! Help! They rushed straight to my room. I could not believe it, roaches in my bed huge gigantic roaches was this my imagination (I thought this cannot be, it is impossible I have never seen anything like this before, I was speechless) or a dream. No it was very real not a dream it was all real. I was so frightened that was the only thing I was thinking about from that time. I hoped something else, would capture my mind, other than a hotel is infested with Cockroaches. We immediately left the hotel we planned ahead and booked a taxi, to the Amsterdam five star hotel. We reach there we were amazed at the Quality of the hotel. we booked in and decided to burn our clothes like a bon fire, and have a fresh new start and settled in later. I was there Amsterdam arena with my dad; it has never been the same between dad and I. He has never trusted me since I was expelled from school. We entered the arena and there were huge crowds of people like I couldn't believe, it was unbelievable. We went to the checkpoint whilst I was there. I spotted this gorgeous black girl, good looking fit and extremely gorgeous. ...read more.


''No there is only one for me, and it is a special one, you know that special person the perfect match.'' '' So who is that special one'' approaching me as if she was going to stroke my face with a grin on her face grin as if she expected me to say her name. When she asked me that question, I could immediately see a sparkle in her eyes; I could see us together on the waters in her blue eyes. She asked whom that special one was again, but really I didn't I wasn't sure if she was that special one, were we meant for each other I asked myself and I was still not sure. ''No'', I answered, I just do not know. It is not that I do not like her, in fact, I love her. Nevertheless, I am not sure if she feels the same about me, I tried to answer questions that I have never been able to answer before, Does she feel the same about me? I was not sure, too many question I could not answer. One thing that Jasmine and I have in common is that we both live similar lives. We reach the lake there I saw a cliff, I thought to myself I have seen that some where I swear but I just couldn't make out where I saw it. Michael and Simon set-up the fire works, while we brought some wood with us, to light a small fire. Then Jesse and I move further up the lake so we can speak privately so the rest could be better acquainted. Hence, Jesse what do you think about Vanessa? She is all right actually I think I love, but the love I have for her is unexplainable, I can feel the force pulling us together, like magnets. What about you Ethan well I like jasmine more than like, I could feel something special building up you know that tingly feeling that you get when ...read more.


"What's wrong Ethan, you look disturbed," jasmine trying to comfort him. "I swear I saw something down there." Ethan investigating to what had happened. "Don't worry they are probably just bats" "Believe me I did not see bats and I do see things either," "Anyway what is up with you, you have been quiet." "No your joking." As if she had been already chatting for a long time. "Seriously, you have been quiet and I have been getting worried about you, because I would hate someone to put you in a bad position." "No it just I have been having thoughts" "What kind of thoughts" Ethan asking anxiously, as Michael comes to interrupt the conversation. "Jasmine, Ethan we have to make move on, it is getting too dark we have to get back". I told Jasmine that we would speak again, on the way to Jesse's house as we were going to have a sleep over. I had to speak to Jasmine, because of what she said. The thoughts she had; I was worried. Would this mean the end of the one love of my life? I did not know. So we left the beach, as they called it, as the rest were anxious to get back. Everybody leapt ahead as jasmine and I walked together, I was anxious to ask her what she was thinking about. Jasmine remember you said you had thought "Yes, yes I remember." Jasmine remembering what we were speaking about. "I had thoughts' doubts, about our relationship. Since you came, my life has changed, immensely, totally. It has been like a dream paradise; oh I wish we could make that dream last forever." As she rested on my shoulder in the full moon. After that I felt wordless .she was thinking the opposite to what I was thinking about. "Jasmine I have to admit I have had some doubts as well" turning his head as the walked to the centre of the bridge, he walked to the rail of the bridge, to trying and let out his feelings. English Short Story Course Work Zuta Kapembwa 02/05/07 1 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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