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One of the main themes in Upton Sinclairs novel, The Jungle, is society.

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Namgyal Karamrtsang 4/15/12 1st Period The American Dream is Just a Dream One of the main themes in Upton Sinclair?s novel, The Jungle, is society. Jurgis moves to America with his family to get a better life. The whole family believes that in America they can be just as successful as anyone. This is from their belief in the American Dream. They believe that there is no class system, which means if they work hard they can live a better life. They soon find out that it?s not easy when there are thousands of people just like them. Finding jobs proves to be more difficult than they though. Jurgis struggles to find even low paying jobs, so how is he going to get ahead of all the people who are smarter, who have influence or power, or even people who just know others who are higher up than they are? ...read more.


There are many things that prevent them from becoming the successful American that they are promised. One of the things that keep Jurgis from attaining his dream of becoming successful is the classes. The American Dream says that there are no classes that would keep people from achieving their dreams. Jurgis and his family believe this and continue to believe in this until it is much too late to turn back. Jurgis is arrested and sent to prison for assaulting a man. In court, he can?t do a thing to defend himself. ?Is there any truth in this story, Mr. Conner?? ?Not a particle, your Honor?? (Sinclair 167). The Judge immediately dismisses Jurgis?s reasoning as false when Mr. Conner, a man with connections, says it?s not true. ...read more.


The people who run these are ?smooth-tongued?; they are well educated and can make money by themselves. Being well educated makes them more fit for better jobs, with less work. Jurgis can only do the lowest paying jobs because he is foreign and speaks no English. The social barriers stop him for getting anywhere. Throughout the book, Jurgis struggles to provide for himself and his family. The American Dream says it will be easy, that anyone can become successful. Jurgis struggles with everything he tries to do and eventually gives up everything stacks against him. He can?t make any money, the justice system failed him, and getting a good paying job is impossible because he is foreign. Jurgis comes to realize that all that he was promised by the American Dream, success, happiness, and freedom, is all just a falsification made to trap willing victims. ...read more.

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