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One of the themes in 'Crucible' is the conflict between good and evil. Who would you say were the good people and how is their goodness shown? Who would you say were the evil people and how is their evil shown?

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Jermaine Maynard- Brown 11s GCSE English English Mr Cummins Crucible The Crucible Assignment details: One of the themes in 'Crucible' is the conflict between good and evil. Who would you say were the good people and how is their goodness shown? Who would you say were the evil people and how is their evil shown? Arthur Millers play 'The Crucible' was first produced in the year 1953 in the time of the McCarthy political 'Witch-Hunt' in the US. The 1950's in America was an extremely controversial era due to the 'House Of Un-American Activities Committee' under the chairmanship Senator Joseph Raymond McCarthy who was an American politician. This organization had the power to investigate any movement or person who threatened the safety of the state. McCarthy first attracted national attention in February 1950 with the charge that Communists had infiltrated the Department of State. Although his accusations were never substantiated, during the three years that followed he repeatedly pointed the finger at various high-ranking officials of subversive activities. During the first five to ten years after World War II the two economical blocks the USA and the USSR, faced each other in a 'cold' war which created fear and worry in America that the philosophy of Communism was spreading and would eventually undermine and destroy Capitalism, the American's ideal way of life. ...read more.


They thought that attending church every day and being a good civilian was the key to being a good pure person. If at any time they thought someone was a witch, they felt it was their sacred duty to expose and dispose of the culprit. This way they thought they were protecting and defending the community by annihilating the threat. This was because the survival of the society largely depended on the unity and integrity of the members. Therefore, any kind of selfishness or wrongdoing must immediately be reported to the community so that the person(s) involved can be dealt with and removed from society one way or another. A lot of characters show either their morality or righteousness, which is clearly exposed throughout the play. In my personal opinion, the people showing their loyalty and integrity are the Proctors and Rebecca Nurse. When the witchcraft issue was put forward to them, neither of the characters believed any of it, which shows their intelligence, individuality and morality. This is also shown when Rebecca is accused of indulging in contact with the devil. She immediately denies the claims and stands by her testimony. ...read more.


He also would have urged them occasionally into naming someone he didn't like and just like his wife was never about justice. Giles Corey was the only person who ever suspected him but nothing was ever done about it. Again, this shows the power they had over the community. Both Mr and Mrs Putman were deceitful and immoral villains. Although the play was set in Salem, Massachusetts, United States in 1692, it still has relevance to the present day. It shows that lying will only cause more trouble for yourself and others. Just like in modern times the people in the play who lie, end up desolating most of lives around them through stupidity. The play was not only written to be read but also to be performed to provide the excitement, adventure, and thrill to awaken the curiosity in the audience. The play provides the strong actors with the abuse of power this influences the conflict of good and evil. Arthur Miller has not only succeeded in making various characters appear good and evil but he has made the audience feel the anxiety and emotions that the actors might have been feeling in the play. Overall, the play was well written and expresses the views of the inhabitants of 1690's Salem, Massachusetts United States. ...read more.

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