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One rainy day.

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One rainy day. The phone ringing awakened me. It rang twice and the second time I answered. 'Hello' I said with a croaky voice. It was around nine fifteen AM on Saturday the eighth of January 2005. 'Er Suzannah is your Mum there? Its Grandma, there's no routes into Carlisle, I've just had a phone call from Joan?' What, what was she on about my brain couldn't function this early. Of course there are routes into Carlisle, and Mum had probably gone to work. Grandma new that.' ' Em I don't know where Mum is, wait while I have a look.' I looked out of my Mum's bedroom window to see the rain lashing down on our concrete yard but my Mums little black rover was standing stationary. Mum hadn't left yet, strange! So she must be around. I called for Charles, my younger Brother. No answer! So I stumbled downstairs to find two sets of wellies gone. My brain still couldn't work it out; it was nine fifteen on Saturday morning when my Mum should be at work and Charles still in bed. I picked the phone up down in our kitchen. ...read more.


I got my camera phone out and started snapping away, this was unbelievable, the civic centre flooded! Hardwick Circus, nowhere to be seen. We needed to get to Warwick road, that is where my Mum has her shop. But as we walked into the Sands Centre car park (It was starting to fill with water) we knew we'd be mad if we tried to cross. So we watched the scenes of shops and cars submerge, quite quickly actually then went back to the car. ' Mum it's a cow, quick Dad look, do you see it, Sue come ere, look it's a cow' My Brother was shouting ' I looked down from Stanwicks bank, and was shocked to see a cow floating down the river. It was till alive! 'Go get the police', my Dad shouted! At the top of Stanwicks a policeman was turning traffic, we ran into the road and told him. At first he didn't seemed bothered, but followed. When he saw the beast, he swore loudly and shouted something through his radio. 'Go down and tise it to the side' my Dad said 'Right okay, come with me Charles' 'What we doing? ...read more.


Nothing. That night I couldn't sleep properly. The wind was howling and I had images of my uncle finding all of his cows dead. Most of his heard, that he'd built up by himself over the years, just lying on banks and in trees. But luckily, that wasn't the case. We returned the next day with tractors and lead forty cattle to safety. The scene at the farm was eerie. It was silent and everything was drenched or had been moved into odd positions or had fallen down. Bits of the road were missing. It was a patchwork of brownie, green colours, death and destruction. He only a lost a handful of the cows, but many families have lost much more so he was thankful for that. He didn't loose any family members or our house and nothing that is irriplaceable. Another thing that was comforting to see was the community spirit. Loads of people helped us move the rest of the cattle and many more came to ask how things were. Although countless bad things arose out of that weekend, good emerged through it too. The community spirit and the ability people have to pull together through bad times. I will probably remember it for the rest of my life, but not all of it will be the horror that Cumbria encountered. Suzannah Ackerley 10MPS ...read more.

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