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One tense and somewhat painful experience, which I remember is one that many people never forget, my first day of school.

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One tense and somewhat painful experience, which I remember is one that many people never forget, my first day of school. I was just starting infant school and it was a tense affair. In those days I was a cheerful and happy kid who liked to work and play in the great outdoors, I loved the fresh, sumptuous air on a cool afternoon. But this day was going to be alot more painful then any day at school before. The day started well. I got up and was ready for my first day. The morning was fresh; the smell of daffodils crammed the air. The air was cool, even though the ravaging heat of the sun was pulsating down on me. ...read more.


I waited with my mum anxiously. Suddenly the haunting sound of the bell rang. My destiny awaited me. " Have a good day a school dear ", my mum said. " Ok ", I replied nervously. I scurried along. But for some bizarre reason, I had the urge to climb onto the wall. Being the adventurous outdoor type person I was, probably explains the reason why I did. I climbed the oldish, weathered wall, which looked frightfully high. " Get off there! ", my mother cried out. I listened to her straight away and jumped off. But to my despair I didn't jump off as silky smooth as I had want to. ...read more.


I was flat on my face in pain. The pain was throbbing. I was crying like mad. My tears were gushing out of my eyes. It was like the Nile was flowing out of my eye-sockets. My mum came rushing towards me. " Hashpal, are you all right? Are you badly hurt ", she said tensely. I didn't say anything, I just carried on crying. My knee was grazed badly. The blood was oozing down my leg. I was quickly rushed inside the building; the first aid kind was brought out. I saw the teacher cleaning up the wound. Suddenly she an antiseptic on it. I howled with pain. The stinginess was unbearable. It was 10 times worse than a bee-sting. The wound was bandaged and I finally settled. I will never forget that experience and from then on I was a bit less adventurous, only a BIT! ...read more.

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