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Opinion about the Romeo and Juliet 1968 Movie

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Opinion about the Romeo and Juliet 1968 Movie Romeo and Juliet is a famous play written by Shakespeare. Like any other famous play, Romeo and Juliet was also adapted in a cinematic version. It was directed by Zeffirelli in 1968, and it became a very successful film. In my opinion, how they were able to project the movie is really good. I say that the movie has excellent and convincing actors in it. As for the props and costumes, they look very realistic. So now, I would like to comment on what I think about the movie. Firstly, as I have said before, the actors and actresses portrayed their characters really well. They were able to act them out convincingly as if they were really the characters in the play. ...read more.


But either way, their act is still believable. Secondly, I think that the props and costumes are very realistic, not to mention the setting of the scenes. It's as if I am travelling back to the Elizabethan times by the way they set up the movie. The setting of the scene, I believe, is shot somewhere in Italy. I say that they had picked a really good choice of the place, for Italy has a renaissance-like location and atmosphere, which makes the movie convincing, for the Elizabethan times occurred in the renaissance period. Their costumes were also beautifully made. For me, I really liked the costume wore by Juliet in the ballroom scene. Her dress and golden accessories suits her very well. ...read more.


For instance, instead of Juliet delivering her lengthy speech before she drank the vial given to her, she just simply says "Love, give me strength," then drinks the potion. The scene is entirely different from the play because it is cut short, but both parts go towards the same result - Juliet drinking the potion. To summarize, this movie is truly "a job well done." Though they have really strong parts in some scenes, they also tend to have weak parts, but either way it is still very good. In all the Romeo and Juliet movie versions I have watched, this movie has the most realistic and accurate interpretation of the play. So, if I am one of Hollywood's famous critics, I would be giving it a rating of 4.5 stars! ...read more.

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