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Opinion Essay - T.V Good or Bad

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In this essay I will be writing about my opinion on whether T.V can be bad for us. I will mention about the language, suggestive, themes and violence, about how much time we spend watching T.V, how it dulls our brains, and how it's addicting. Is T.V what we really think it is? Is T.V just clean fun? What I have noticed is over the years, T.V allows more and more unclean humor. The explicit language is rarely censored anymore, and the violence is applauded. Ever seen Prison Break or Desperate Housewives? Is this really want taking up our precious memory? We let our kids watch T.V; we're giving them access to it all. ...read more.


For adults, that looks like nearly a full time job. For children, that means their TV sets are educating them more than their schoolteachers are. Over the course of a year, the average American spends over 69 days watching TV. Over a lifetime of 72 years, that adds up to over 13 years. Can it be any surprise that more than half of American adults are now overweight, and nearly one-third are clinically obese? Television viewing is our number-one cause of physical inactivity, and physical inactivity is now our number-two preventable cause of death, behind smoking. What use is it to our brain, not much. ...read more.


Television produces highly functional, mobile "bio-survival robots." Realizing viewers automatically enter a trance state while watching television; marketers began designing commercials that produce unconscious emotional states or moods within the viewer. The aim of commercials is not to appeal to the rational or conscious mind but rather to implant moods that the consumer will associate with the product when it is encountered in real life. When we see product displays at a store, those positive emotions are triggered. If you've ever doubted the power of television advertising, bear this in mind: commercials work better if you're not paying attention to them! An addictive mind control device . . . what more could a government or profit-driven corporation ask for? ...read more.

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