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Orginal Writing GCSE Piece

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An Experience to Forget? As the bleary clouds gradually pulls away from one another the illumination that emanates from the radiant moon becomes clearly visible. The murky vapour, about half an hour previously, which gave the impression that it was embodied into the fabrics of the environment created a clouded screen which impeded the vision of the distanced scenery. This gradually vanishes as light from the moon brightens the region. The adjacent meadow next to me is a prevailing feature in the nearby area: each blade of grass is discrete, sharply defined and glazed with a thin layer of frost; mixed into the turf are faint patches of bronze coloured crops and behind this are rows of shrubbery which are tinted a shade of green. Encircling the pasture are birch trees. Devoid of any leaves, leaning to the side and seeming pale and slender they appear like gaunt skeletal palms that were reaching out for an unknown, mysterious purpose. The peacefulness of the night, almost instantaneously shatters as a storm erupts. A torrent lashes down at a high speed ricocheting against the jagged path which stretches out through the middle of the meadow. ...read more.


The sun created a mesmerizing mirage which shimmered into the depth of the nearby ocean. Slowly the earth and creation were coming out of hibernation and into life. There was a feeling of awe in the atmosphere and a sense of the start of something sensational. The sand along the shore was glistening in the heat of the sun. Encompassing the sea-side were smooth pebbles and a variety of shells with vivacious colours and different sizes. I can remember one shell in particular attracted attention, it was coloured a delicate beige but with strands of deep purple embossed with particles of golden sand, at one end it appeared as if it were an enthroned King with an elaborate crown with glossed decorations. The other end was dominated by a curved abyss embellished with an exquisite magenta. The Atlantic Ocean, which was exceptionally tranquil that morning, sparkled in the distance. Its waters gave the impression of an everlasting quantity, yet it still appeared inviting. It created a wonderful sea breeze which gently brushed against me; there was also a salty aroma which had a sense of authenticity to it. The delicate, enchanting sound of the sea brushing against the shore's numerous boulders and stones soothed me and made feel almost at one with nature .In my home town beyond the shore of Naples, there was emerging from the distance, scattered clusters of people. ...read more.


The grass was crisp and freshly moist with the morning dew. The trees, which were shaded in a deep, rich mahogany, overshadow the park; so the bright, harsh rays of sunlight did not spoil its delicacy. I could hear the soft flow of water from the stream gently brushing against the smooth pebbles in the distance, as the wind delicately whistled past me. As I revised for my exams, the peace it emanated had a unique quality of tranquillity and peace that was incomparable to anywhere in my home-city. As I result I passed the tests with flying colours. Eventually, I am motivated enough to attempt to rescue myself, thanks to the pleasant reminiscences that uplifted my spirits. I am determined to succeed even with missing equipment, I refuse to let the situation fall through my fingers. Focusing like I have never done before in my life, I worked out where I was on the map by looking at my positioning in comparison to the stream and a landmark I could make out in the distance. I have I all the inclination necessary to return back to civilisation. .Perhaps this is an experience I would rather forget... or possibly I should encourage others that is absolutely vital to keep all your experiences close to you maybe you will rely upon them one day just like I have. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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