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orginal writing on the marriage of Charles and Camilla

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Camilla Sampson Original writing An exploration of the marriage between Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles An exploration of the marriage Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles that will take place on the 8th April 2005. Everyone has the right to marry the person they love and feel for. Why should it be any different for royal family? Over 2/3rds of all marriages are happy and stable. It is my view that each and every person should be able to marry for love. This includes Charles and Camilla. It's about freedom, the freedom of people to choose who they marry. What right to we have, to say that they cannot get married; it is none of our business. Last year, a poll indicted that more then 2/3rds of Britain's support the Marriage between Charles and Camilla. 52% of people said that they supported the marriage, however another 38% said they didn't care, whilst another 2% stated that they had no opinion Their relationship has spanned over 3 decades and despite both being married Camilla remained one of Charles most trusted friends. ...read more.


By contrast, Camilla parker Bowles is a 57 year old divorcee and has often been called the "rottweiler" that the British have struggled to accept at the prince's right hand side. The much troubled Diana, princess of Wales set a course in opposition to the UK's royal family and threatened the line of succession. An affair between James Hewitt and Diana began in 1987, just 6 years after the marriage between Prince Charles and herself. Even this affair frazzled out; yet again she manipulated and manoeuvred her lover in an attempt to disguise the depth of their affair. James Hewitt stated, "She urged me to give a description of the relationship that wasn't necessarily the whole truth, I did that and it backfired." In 1999, Hewitt published his autobiography, love and war. In it was revealed intimate details of the affair: how Diana seduced him and how the couple made love in a four poster bed and on the bathroom floor. Princess Diana had many affairs; in fact there were ten men that shock the throne. ...read more.


Camilla Parker Bowles, 57, who divorced her husband Andrew in 1995, has been the significant love of Charles' life in recent years but has always faced an uphill struggle to rival his former wife in the public's affection. They have been in love for many years, but have to be careful. The public play a very important part in the role, but in the end it does not matter what you or I think as Camilla and Charles have the right to get married. Just like you or I do. Their planned marriage is nevertheless a sensitive issue because Camilla Parker Bowles is divorced and her former husband is still alive. Charles would be the supreme governor of the Church of England if he took the throne, and some Anglicans remain opposed to remarriage of divorcees. Neither Charles nor Camilla possesses the star-power of Diana, whose memory remains strong in Britain. But theirs has been an abnormally deep love story, one that has endured time, scrutiny, and such intense criticism that Camilla Parker Bowles was once regularly insulted in the street. I believe that they should be allowed to marry and live a long and blissful life together, where they are not judged by their actions and behavior. ...read more.

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