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Orginal writing

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In a room illuminated only by the red glow of a fire and a few strategically placed candles stood two men. One was around thirty, tall well built he had mousy blonde hair and pale blue eyes. His face lit up by the glow of a nearby candle an astonishing scar from his forehead to his chin passing over his eye ruled his face. He had thick bow shaped lips and a square jaw. His name was David. In the other sat a much older man in his 60's or early 70's. He had jet black hair greying at the temples and shocking bold grey eyes. He was average height but stood hunched over but he still retained a surprising amount of his youthful looks. He did not tell David his name. The room itself had hunting trophies on the walls these animals however ones that threatened the occupier of the house were. The owner and his family didn't believe in killing unnecessarily. The high ceiling of the house prevented any heat from staying on the ground for too long, the arched windows let in a little a lot of the barely shining sun. The room was decorated with old furniture reds browns and golds everywhere a startling contrast to the inviting outside and other rooms of the house. He stared into the in the long awkward silence it gave out a soft steady heat and light, the flames danced higher than anything David had seen. ...read more.


He saw the same raven or crow again, but his doubts had evaporated and he continued on un-wavered by the omen The sun reflected off the snow making it brighter than it was, farms were scattered around. The sky was a pale blue with barely any clouds. Butterflies danced around weaving in and out together he wondered what could make people think this joyful scene was in any way evil There was a definite change of mood atop the last hill. The remains of the castle jammed out the sun and imposed itself on the cowering village below everything in its shadow seemed to be dead. Trees were bare and twisted. The houses were desolated and dilapidated the endless monotony of blacks and greys intoxicating me, the once joyful scene had been turned into this. His resolve was still strong. He continued forward into the castle. * * * * * * * * The old man sat again some fifty years later, surrounded by his family if you could call them family, snakes who had lead his victims to him. He wanted it to end, he wanted rest. It was time to name a successor his three most trusted stood in front of him. A tall young man who was very pale without a doubt the most loyal he shook at his masters every word but was strong in the thick of action. ...read more.


David waited till the monster as a distance away then thought of what he had just seen. The monster had big red inflamed eyes, razor like teeth and two gleaming fangs. He stood on two legs not all fours and looked as powerful as he was deadly. David decide to get out while he could, he sprinted to the exit. The monster loomed over the old man with the knife. Stabbed him. His blood splashed on the ground forming a crimson puddle. The knife itself seemed to glow, the blood on the blade instantly congealed. A wisp of grey crossed from body to blade, sealing the world's fate. David saw this hiding in one of the corners. He knew he should run but his legs would not allow it he wondered why the monster never had the time to kill him. Now he knew. He was taken over by something he sprinted over to the monster that was taken by surprise. He then reached out a hand a jumped almost horizontally through the air. In all one move he took the dagger and plunged it deep into the monsters neck. He landed. The ground below him started to shake soon the ground gave way but not before the monster erupted into an inferno instantly killing David. His last thought was one of relief that the monster was dead and pride that it was he that had done it. The castle collapsed into itself. The knife and the two bodies buried under the ruins with them the knife, waiting for a new master to control it. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Miscellaneous section.

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