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Orginial writing-horror

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Original Writing It was a very silent night you could only hear the rain battering against the window. I was upstairs sitting in my bedroom, when a heard a scream. I got up and stood at my bedroom door, I wondered if it really scream or was it my imagination. Then I thought it might be my mum, I shouted "mum!" but there was no answer it went completely quite, so I decided to go down and check. I slowly walked downstairs, as I stepped on each stairs thoughts .... As soon as I reached the last step, I hid and checked if anyone was in them hallway. ...read more.


I ran to my bedroom's door and slowly opened it a bit to peek inside, when no one was there, I fully open the door and saw the footprints continuing to the window across my room. I followed the footprints to the window, and looked outside in my garden, it was very dark and I couldn't see anything as the rain on the window was blocking the view. as soon as I turned away from the window, I saw the light in the back garden turn on, this made me think that there was surly someone there. I ran quickly ran out and hid behind one of the bushes, I looked around the garden too see if anyone was there, but I couldn't see anything ...read more.


As soon as that person stabbed me, I woke up screaming and holding my stomach with my eyes wide open. I was scared and sweating. I picked up the glass from my bed-side table and poured out water from the jug. I drank all the water and placed the glass back onto the table. I got up from my bed and went towards the window. I glanced out in the garden and was relieved that it was only a dream, when my eye caught the hole that was dug up near where I was standing in my dream. I got shocked and got very scared. I closed my eyes and seconds later when I opened them, the hole was gone. ...read more.

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