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Origenal writing

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Original Writing Shuzen examined the desolate wasteland that had once been his home. His eyes, like ice. Like fire, flicked from deformed trees, twisted to grotesque shapes, charred and ruined, rent apart by fire and dark will. Once elegant structures, decaying like their inhabitants before them, nothing had been left untouched. He moved swiftly through the long grass unheard by any creature. Searching for the one thing they had not been able to take, searching for the only thing that would make life bearable. He passed a cracked window, splinted by some unknown projectile, his reflection gazed despairingly back. ...read more.


He sank to the ground, overcome by painful memories stepping out of the darkness to occupy and shadow his mind. He spun round alerted by an abrupt noise. Instinctively and with one fluid movement drew his Katana facing the oncoming threat with unwavering focus. Two black eyes gazed at him from the undergrowth; a head emerged, followed by a sleek body and a short tail. A deer bounded out of its location, eyes wide with fear, rushing towards the mountains that dominated the horizon, their lofty pinnacles piercing the dark mists that circled them. The land that spread from the base of the mountains was cracked and distorted like all the life had been sucked from every living thing that had once resided there. ...read more.


Something flashed just out of visual focus, he turned wearily convinced it was just a trick of the light, but again, a flicker of light danced across an object half buried under a small pile of earth. He picked up what looked like a small star made from unspoiled sapphire, blue as any sea and bright as any fire this was attached to a silver chain. He gasped as he touched the cool metal. He gazed longingly at the cerulean gem bound by its magnificent beauty drawing him in to a world were nothing mattered. He wound the chain around his wrist, a new fire now burned inside his heart. He took one last look at his home then turned on his heel and disappeared into the dimming forest, growing darker with every hour passing. ...read more.

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