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Original Coursework - Devastation.

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Original Coursework Devastation It had been six weeks since we had heard the four-minute warning siren going off. Mum had quickly pushed my brother and I into the large cupboard under the stairs which was full of old junk and barely enough room for the three of us. We had stayed in our cramped surroundings, too scared to venture out because we didn't know what we would see. We had plenty of food, although I was getting pretty sick of eating cold beans out of the can each day, our water was barley holding out. It was a Sunday morning and I told Mum that I had to go out and see if there was anyone else about. Although she told me she thought it would be safer if we stayed in our shelter for a bit longer I persuaded her to let me go. ...read more.


There were also lots of reporters roaming the streets looking for someone famous to interview. I saw a group of young boys, not much older than me, smashing the front window of a local shop and stealing television sets, videos, and anything else they thought they could sell for some food and fresh water. I decided I didn't need the hassle of getting caught up with this gang and quickly crossed the road. As I walked up what was the High Street all I could hear were people crying and asking for help. I knew I couldn't do much as I had to make sure I got home safe and in one piece. I walked along for a little bit further, my brain blocking out the scenes of death and the smell of decomposing bodies which hadn't been cleared up. ...read more.


No such luck. The bloke in charge told me to hurry up as it wasn't safe for anyone to be on their own and that when I got home I should turn the radio on to listen to the news on any updates as to when we could expect help from elsewhere. As I walked through Tesco's car park I came across about 15 cars that were burnt out. There were small groups of people trying to decide what would be the best thing to do and where the safest place would be to stay the night before moving on. When I got home my mum was waiting at the front door crying. I had been gone for hours and she thought something dreadful had happened to me. I told her what I had seen and what the army officer had said about turning on the radio and listening to the news. At least we were alive, we were the lucky ones - or were we? ...read more.

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