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Original writing coursework The ghost story genre 'Ghost!!!' Deep In the southwest of dooms dale, caged inside of enormous trees stood a hidden cottage. Neither man nor beast could survive in it, many were left spellbound, it was impossible to get in. Poison ivies grew on the walls, endangering the life of the person going in. The cottage was said to have ghostly presence, but no-one really knew the truth. Those who entered the cottage have felt its terrifying wrath, and all they heard were the rotten stair cases creaking as if there was someone there walking on them. The white noise which was so full of evil, like some kind of satanic whispering echoed through the whole cottage. No-one dared to cross the borders of this cottage, No-one dared to even talk about it, No-one was brave enough to go inside, except Alex. *** 'Are you scared?' 'A little bit' 'Come shall we go in' 'It is said to be sinister, so I don't know' 'Let's just go in' 'I don't know about this' 'Come on man! ...read more.


I looked towards Eric and I saw a sense of fear in his eyes. I asked him whether we should go back although I did want to continue further. Eric replied 'its up to you' So I further continued as I walked down the corridor. I looked around, but as we pursued further and further, the lighting went dimmer and dimmer. 'Aaaaaaaaaaagh' I looked back towards Eric as he screamed. 'Are you alright Eric' 'Llll...llllooooo...lllllooooo...loooook' Cried Eric. I looked at the direction he was pointing. There were numerous skulls and skeletons of people stacked on top of each other. Every nerve of my body squeezed tightly as a spine chilling feeling arose into the atmosphere. Me and Eric ran back towards the door, but the door creaked as it closed just before we could reach it. We were left in a cottage, where there was pitch black everywhere. There wasn't a single spec of light in there. For the first time in my life I was scared. I felt vulnerable. ...read more.


I fell in shock as I lost my closest friend. A spine chilling feeling approached me, squeezing every nerve in my body tightly. The figure turned around and headed towards my direction. I took a deep, slow gulp before steaming towards the window in one of the rooms. The figure trailed as I couldn't see anything as it was pitch black. I looked back and saw the figure duplicate. I knew my eyes couldn't deceive me as I felt like a prey being stalked. Out of hopeless worry and desperation, I jumped straight through the single glassed window on the left hand side of one of the rooms. I landed on a bush, in the front garden, breaking my arm and wounding my leg. Feeling like a wounded animal, I got up. Seeing the opportunity I ran out of the cottage, zoomed straight down the alleyway full of darkness. Full of fear, I charged past the dark, gloomy dungeon, which was full of horror. With nowhere to run I hid myself around the corner. Amir Nassar 10X1 10CRU English coursework ...read more.

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