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How Does Brighouse Portray the Character of Willie Mossop in Hobson's Choice and What Messages About Society Does This Convey? Willie Mossop is a principle character in the play Hobson's choice, written in 1916. Brighouse, the playwrite, uses language during stage directions and speech to portray the character, this also conveys, to the audience, and relates to what society was like in 1880's Salford. Before the audience even sees Willie they get a firm idea about how the other characters act towards him. "...I'm capable of making the man suffer for it." This shows the audience that Hobson believes Willie has done something wrong when Mrs Hepworth asks to see the man who made her boots. It shows how, because Willie is of a Lower class than Hobson, Hobson believes he can beat (hurt) him both physically and mentally. This also conveys to the audience what society was like in Salford and how people believed they could punish someone by hurting them since this form of punishment was widely accepted at this time. It is not only Hobson who treats Willie in a bad way. "You'll go back when I've done with you." This quote from Act One shows the audience how Maggie treats Willie. ...read more.


The quote portrays to the audience how Willie is uneducated. These quotes also relate to how Lower class people could not afford to go to school (since you had to pay) and so many people could not read or write. This also leads to the quote: "I do a bit. Only it's such a funny print." This quote conveys to the audience how proud Willie is, as he tries to hide the fact that he cannot read. The words 'a bit' show how Willie is unsophisticated since a wealthy, educated and sophisticated man in the 1880's would say 'slightly' rather than 'a bit'. In Act One the audience sees how Willie is not confidant. "He comes reluctantly." When the audience sees this stage direction (being acted out) they can see how Willie lacks the confidence to come above the trap door. This could be because he is afraid of being beaten by Hobson, or that he is just uncomfortable speaking and being around his employer and his employer's daughters. However, in Act Four Willie has gained in confidence, power and no-longer feels afraid of Hobson. "...and all you think to offer me is my old job back at eighteen shillings a week." ...read more.


The verb 'expect' shows that Mrs Hepworth reckons he is underpaid, this is because he is of Lower class (which she can tell by his clothes) and so he is uneducated. The audience see how the power of education has helped Willie's success. "...to be strong and use the power that's come to me through you..." This quote, from Act Four, portrays to the audience how Willie has gained power. He claims the power has come to him through Maggie, who educated him. The fact that Maggie educated him, and then he became powerful and successful in his boot making business, suggests to the audience how education helps people, like Willie, to become successful in their life. The adjective 'strong' tells the audience that Willie was planning on being forcible and powerful when he was speaking to Hobson. In this essay, I have shown how Brighouse portrayed how Willie as a shy, timid, weak Lower class man, who does everything he's told to do (in Act One), who changes under the influences of society, education (which gives him confidence), and Maggie, who educated him, to become a powerful, confident and bold Middle class man. I have showed how the audience would see these changes in Willie and how they would interpret the stage directions (viewed during the play) and the speech that they would hear. ?? ?? ?? ?? Rebecca Holland ...read more.

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