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The long black Jaguar pulled up on the shingle drive as the story of a lifetime was about to begin. The sorrow and misery flowed thought the once beautiful town lake and into the air were the misery of a lost son and a husband is felt miles away. As Detective Stone gets out the dark long black Jaguar and stood up his three quarter length coat fell down it was a grey coloured beneath were his matching black leather shoes. He walks up the shingle path to knock on the creepy black door with the lion faced knocker. He knocks slowly but firmly and a small blonde woman early twenty's comes to the door with a look of total disregard for life. She wipes her nose. The ring she was wearing nearly blinded him, twenty-four carat gold ring with the diamond the size of her fist. Her black dress goes down to her ankles where her black tights show slightly and her black stilettos shoes with straps. Finally, she comes to term that there was some one was at the door and wipes her eyes dry and says, "You must be the detective please come in the damn nosy neighbors are probably listening and the family is inside" pleaded the woman. As they walk thought walked into the crystal white mansion that also is immaculately clean into a massive fantastic pearl white grand hall and lead into the grand living room they where presented with the family of Mark Barker, who were was sat down who was seemed to be emotionally upset. ...read more.


The whole family showed Detective. Stone were they are all but Mrs. Barker "Do you know what happened to it and were the last time you saw it and were it was" asked the Detective curiously. I can't remember what happened to it I swear it wasn't me I didn't do it I swear it he meant the world to me I would never harm a hair on his head" her voice now sat on the edge of hysteria. "I will have to ask all of you not to leave the city until further inquiries have been made" asked the detective calmly. Then the whole room went silent and they all watched as Mrs. Barker the family all started to leave one by one until she was the only person left in the house she was all alone. The Detective made his way round to the nosy neighbors as Mrs. Barker described them. The detective knocked on the pale green door with a green pixie as a doorknocker cautiously as he could feel himself being watched by someone There was someone at the door with in seconds of him knocking on the door an decrepit old man with grey hair and thick glasses bent over as his spine was bent due to his age he also had a dark brown walking stick with a gold eagle on the top as a handle he asked him to come in and have a seat "I though you would come round eventually can I get you drink of tea or coffee detective?" ...read more.


It was all by accident I promise, I left my bag, it had blood all over it, and I was so scared. I just left it but someone reported his body and you came and barred me from leaving the house I m so sorry I take full responsibility for what has happened" cried out Mrs. Barker. "I just got the forensics back and your D.N.A. is all over the bag and your hair was found to be in the bag any way it's a good job you're willing to take all the responsibility because it is all your fault and you are going down for along long time. You've got two murders to the first degree charges both you have pleaded guilty you will be in jail for some time to come" calmly replied Detective Stone. Then the police were then called and came into the house and arrested her and she then got two consecutive life sentences. All the money received that was left in the will went to Marks immediate family and the house was sold to use the money to restore all the fish in the lake and clean up the damage done to the water and what was left went to charity to help people who have lost members of family to crime or unnatural causes to help other people who are going to go through the same thing as they have to help them get through the grieving of the loss of family. By Jay Potter English Coursework ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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