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original writing

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Original Writing Zakariya Farooq 11m4 It was a blustery winter's day in the latter days of November. When I woke up that morning and looked out of the window, I wouldn't have dreamed that I would have seen a 9mm shotgun being pointed at my friends head. Christmas was coming and all the year tens had the opportunity to show their skills in the world of work by going for work experience. We waited anxiously to hear who had been placed in the same shops as each other and it did not start well, none of my friends had been placed together , my turn at last, my fingers were crossed and my luck was in. Me and my best friend Bob had been placed together. The first week was entertaining with Bob and I messing around a lot and having some good old fashioned fun. ...read more.


Bob and I were on separate floors. He was in the first working the tills and I was upstairs working at the customer services desk. Lunch had arrived and I was out of there like a bullet. Having quickly finished my lunch I started to search for Bob as I hadn't seen him for most of the day. However he was nowhere to be seen. He's probably back at the shop I told myself and I returned to stack shelves. Hours passed and day was turning into night and still no sign of Bob .As the sun wet down, so did the amount of shoppers. The majority of my colleagues had finished and I was left alone to tidy up. I sat there staring into space, but still conscious of the sounds around me. ...read more.


The silence was deafening. I looked around trying to catch someone's eye and let them know that I was there. But the only thing that I could do was watch. The gunman ordered Bob to take all the cash out of the till. He did it quickly and stayed where he was. All eyes were on the robbers the silence could have been cut with a knife, and then out of the blue... BANG. An ocean of screams filled the air, dust and smoke covered everything. I looked up and saw three men running into the night, they had got away. Sirens were becoming louder. No need for an ambulance as no one was hurt. The police took everyone in one by one and asked them to give a statement. We told them everything we knew. They caught the robbers the next week but the image of a gun being held to someone's head will stay with me for the rest of my life. The end ...read more.

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