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original writing

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Original Writing Step by step, walking as slowly as possible, I approached the front door of this dismal building I called my home. Pushing the door open I slipped inside, trying to make as little noise as possible. As my father peered round the corner the look on his face was of deepest disgust. I kept my head down and swiftly made my way towards the stairs. I closed my eyes just willing him to disappear, just wishing he had something nice to say for once. Anger however pulsed through my every vein as my father barked insults at me, reducing me to nothing but a mere shadow. Lying in bed I clenched my fists as different thoughts flickered through my mind leaving me in the depths of confusion and rage. What was making my father so angry? Why did I not understand? A tear ran down my cheek as I examined the bruises on my arm. Childhood memories of happiness paraded before my eyes as my father smiled and sounds of laughter could be heard from a distance. ...read more.


The moon glared through my open window as the chill of the breeze filled my room, causing goose bumps to appear on my skin. The bed creaked as I rolled over and I pulled my duvet up to my chin. As my surroundings started to fade away once again the flashing lights were growing closer and closer. The car horns beeped loudly and my mother screamed as the tyres scraped across the ground. Everything was a blur. I could hear my mother's heavy breaths slowing down. My father swerved the car as I desperately held out an arm towards my mother's aid. Once again in the mist of confusion there was a crash and a jolt and there I was lying in bed sweat trickling off my forehead as I gasped for breath. Trying to fall back to sleep, I could not get my mothers last moments out of my head. I could almost hear my father's screams as he held her close rocking her side to side. Was I meant to have saved her, is that what he wanted? Was he blaming me for this? A ringing invaded my dreams as I awoke to the sound of my alarm. ...read more.


I emptied my school bag and began packing it with all kinds of stuff. My toothbrush, some clothes, some food...etc. I grabbed a sleeping bag and as quickly and quietly as possible sneaked out my room and into my father's room. His wallet lay on his bed. I opened it and took out all money inside of it, including credit cards, and quiet as a mouse tip toed out the room. "What the hell you doing in my room?!" yelled my father as he marched towards me in fury. I was completely lost for words and as I drew myself up to reply he smacked me hard across the face. It took me a moment or two to realise what had happened. He glanced at my many bags. "Where are you off to?" As I stuttered the truth to him his expression softened. He looked completely stunned. He stood aside to let me pass and as I cautiously did so he uttered a word of apology and for the first time since my mother's death he looked at me with emotion and care. Till this day I cannot forget the look on his face when I told him I was leaving. It was almost as if he loved me. ...read more.

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