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original writing

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Robert Colquitt Page 1, English Ms Radford 03/10/06 Three days and I was out. I only had to wait three days! I would be gone. Away from this dull, gloomy cave. I had been in this cell for so long the walls must have been talking because I could hear them. For the last twenty two years I had kept my head down, kept myself to myself and was as quiet as a mouse. Until the third day, the day I was going to be released, set free. | A new girl arrived. Her name was Marie. She was a tall, scruffy "I'm hard, so don't mess with me" kind of person. Anyways, she was smuggling drugs into our compound. Ounces! She tried to sell some off on me! How cheeky! So of course, I told her were to go. Next minute her friend walked in. Well I say walked I mean marched! I thought there was an earthquake as the ground shook! She gazed into my eyes, said nothing. ...read more.


We're divorced!" I had to laugh. Everything was falling into place for me; my new life was set up as soon as I went out of the towering gates. "I'm all yours! Jack exclaimed with his arms wide open! We went back to his luxury apartment, where I unpacked. Robert Colquitt Page 3 He had everything, leather sofa, LCD 50 inch television, even a �30, 000, 000 worth of Kandinsky art! "Make your self at home" he told me. I didn't know whether this relationship would work between me and Jack but I had to give it ago. There was one question that had been playing on my mind for the past 22 years, and I was really curious to know. I couldn't stop myself from asking Jack, "Where's Sam? How is he?" "Sam who?" Jack frowned as he put his arm around me, "My son!" I shouted, "Who else?" I could see the disappointment in Jacks eyes, "I...I...I don't know. The last time I saw him was when your sister turned 50 at her birthday party. ...read more.


If only Jack had of left me alone. It wouldn't have happened. But instead, he followed me! He ran like a cheetah about to pound on its prey. Once he had caught me up, he firmly gripped my arm, "wait!" he shouted, trying to gain his breath. The blood felt like it had stopped running to my arm. My arm went numb! At that point I stated to panic. I couldn't breathe! "LET GO" I screamed, but Jack just stared into my eyes, motionless. I was really scared! I started to sweat, like I had just run a marathon. I picked up the first thing to hand, a heavy metal object, orange I think... I swung my arm back...and released, following right through. He just lay there, still. He looked like he was sleeping. But I knew, and you know...that he was clean out! Was he dead? I didn't know. And I still don't! Because after that night I don't remember a thing. Until today when I woke up to the smell of cleaning products and the sound of sick people. Here in my hospital bed! ...read more.

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