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Original Writing

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Original Writing The Rink, a place of glory, and defeat, a place of love, and hate. As you walked down the tiled corridor, your foot steps echo back and forth, your breath joins the echoing so the foot steps are not lonely. You are walking across at fast pace but as you go past there is pictures nailed up on the wall showing faces of delight. Looking at these pictures you hear shouting and cheering, it was the caught moment of past glory; it was a picture of you. There in fount of you there is a brass shiny door knob, you place your worn hand on it and as you do there is a white flash. ...read more.


Condensation from the air was settling on your name and the ink began to run. You felt faint and a white flash appears. This time you felt anger and pain, you saw a strongly built man, and he had pain in his eyes and looked devastated and shocked. There were people with white coats around him with face masks over their mouths on the back of one coat you saw "team doctor". As the picture fades the face of the man flashes before you and you see yourself. You then return to the corridor with a sweat braking out. As you turn for a way out a pulling sensation makes you walk towards to a door. ...read more.


It was all connected to you. You had been nominated to win the award player of the year. But you had got injured during the game, you career blow away dandelion in the wind. You had been so close to the cup, the greatest award, you would have been recognised for life and after death. It was taken away you are a failure a wet paper bag, you feel as useful as a chocolate fire guard. You are over you life over and your dream shattered on a million pieces. You then pull out a gun, its cold barrel to your head. The trigger is pulled you fall, you are dead. Your blood started to make the ice red it spreads all over it then stops suddenly just like your carrier did. By Joe Clift 11EPM ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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